Victoria VR Sets the Stage for Web3 Metaverse on Apple Vision Pro

Victoria VR, a virtual reality developer, is gearing up to launch the inaugural metaverse application on Apple’s Vision Pro platform, marking Apple’s foray into the virtual reality space commencing on February 2nd. The Victoria VR app is poised for release in the second quarter of 2024.


Victoria VR Web3 Application: A Fusion of Nature and Technology


The Victoria VR web3 application, meticulously designed by the virtual reality developer, offers users a virtual environment inspired by the five elements of nature. This includes the intricately mapped Victoria VR Island, aligned with cardinal points and adhering to Feng Shui principles. Embedded within the app is a Ming Kua calculator, aiding users in selecting optimal locations within the virtual world. The educational game allows customization of both interiors and exteriors, offering an immersive experience accessible in both the real and virtual realms.


Showcasing Apple Vision Pro Capabilities with Realistic Graphics


Renowned for its realistic graphics and immersive gameplay, Victoria VR serves as a showcase for Apple’s Vision Pro capabilities and web3 technology. The metaverse experience at the core of Victoria VR integrates a token-based incentive system, rewarding active users and stakeholders alike.

VR Token Economy: Incentivizing Active Participation


Central to the Victoria VR metaverse experience is the VR token, fostering an incentive system that rewards participants for enhancing the virtual environment. Launched on KuCoin’s platform, the VR token achieved remarkable success, with over $100 million in trading volume on its inaugural day and a 212x increase in value within the first month.


Meticulous Development Efforts and Upcoming Demonstrations


Headquartered in Prague, the Victoria VR team, comprising more than 80 in-house developers, has dedicated two years to the metaverse application’s development. Following a successful alpha release, a Victoria VR Close Quarters Battle (CQB) arena demonstration is scheduled for February 9th, with Early Access to the Metaverse anticipated in April.


VR Token as the Digital Currency Driving the Metaverse Economy


The VR token serves as the primary currency within the Victoria VR digital world, extending its utility to other projects affiliated with the Victoria VR brand. Users can leverage VR tokens for the acquisition of items, resources, skins, wearables, and virtual lands. Crucially, 50% of the revenue generated from in-game asset sales contributes to the rewards pool, fostering stakeholder benefits and encouraging active participation.


Apple Vision Pro’s Promise of Advanced Features


The Apple Vision Pro, scheduled for release on February 2nd, promises advanced eye and hand tracking interfaces, 3D video capabilities, and a suite of augmented reality applications. It aims to provide a versatile headset for work, leisure, and social interactions, seamlessly integrating augmented and virtual reality experiences.

Unreal Engine-Powered Realism in Victoria VR Metaverse


Powered by Unreal Engine, Victoria VR offers users a realistic metaverse where virtual reality lands can be owned and traded as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Beyond entertainment, Victoria VR provides immersive educational experiences and opportunities within its virtual world, positioning itself as the pioneering web3 metaverse integrated within the Apple Vision Pro, unlocking new possibilities for users globally.