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Go Ethereum has announced the launch of Geth v1.13.12, preparing the ecosystem for a major upgrade scheduled for March 13, 2024.

Geth v1.13.12 incorporates the mainnet fork number for Cancun, marking a decisive step toward implementing a suite of evolutionary Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs). The specifications, which are publicly accessible for review, introduce pivotal changes that promise to refine the operational mechanisms of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Among the notable EIPs included in this update are:

  • EIP-1153: Introducing transient storage opcodes for optimized data handling.

  • EIP-4788: Incorporating the Beacon block root within the EVM, enhancing interoperability between Ethereum and its Beacon chain.

  • EIP-4844: Facilitating Shard Blob Transactions to enable sharding and improve scalability.

  • EIP-5656: Adding a new memory copying instruction, MCOPY, for more efficient data processing.

  • EIP-6780: Restricting the use of SELFDESTRUCT to the same transaction, improving system resilience.

  • EIP-7516: Introducing the BLOBBASEFEE opcode to calculate base fees for blob transactions.

The release also resolves a critical bug related to Geth miner tip enforcement, ensuring the network operates more reliably.

Accompanying the Cancun upgrade, Go Ethereum is providing updated Grafana dashboards for InfluxDB and Prometheus, allowing users to monitor network performance with greater precision. The release packs an array of various improvements, which can be found on the official announcement page on GitHub.

This Ethereum client update is a testament to the continuous evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem, reflecting the dedication of developers to enhance the blockchain’s capabilities. With these changes, Ethereum takes a step closer to its vision of a more efficient, scalable and interoperable network.

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