MyDoge CEO Sparks Speculation With Dogecoin Post Amid Elon Musk’s SpaceX Vision

In an exciting turn of events, MyDOGE CEO, a.k.a Jordan Jefferson, recently curated a tidal wave of speculations across the broader crypto market on Thursday, with an attention-grabbing post shared on the social media platform X. In his post, the founder and engineer behind the Dogecoin wallet stated that DOGE is the future currency of Mars. This appears to have sparked immense curiosity among crypto market traders and investors globally, as the crypto community hopes to see noteworthy announcements or price action shifts soon.

Meanwhile, the DOGE price portrayed a substantial jump today, birthing additional inferences for the meme coin. Simultaneously, Doge Designer, UX/UI, and graphics designer at Dogecoin further spotlighted MyDOGE CEO’s post on X, fueling additional conjectures about the token.

Musk’s Dogecoin & Mars Saga

Musk’s vision of self-sustainable living on Mars and his influential jacking up of Dogecoin align with Jordan’s post proclaiming DOGE to be the future currency of Mars.

Notably, Musk ruled out plans for Mission Mars the previous year, developing programs via SpaceX. He further expressed his belief in Dogecoin shortly after its inception into the crypto realm, amassing noteworthy attention within the crypto community.

Concerning this, the post appears to have sparked immense optimism among global crypto fanatics for a potential price action shift or imminent DOGE upgrades. This also mirrors the jump seen in DOGE price today.

Meanwhile, the 6.08% spike in DOGE open interest also aligns with today’s price jump.

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Dogecoin Price Jumps

As of writing, the Dogecoin price chart illustrated a 1.93% upswing in the past 24 hours and is currently trading at $0.07992. Moreover, its weekly and monthly charts showcase a 1.79% and 1% upsurge, respectively. In addition, even the trading volume and market cap noted a sequential 32.81% and 1.95% rise, reflecting the rise in open interest.

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