LBank Integrates Oasys Blockchain Gaming Platform

Global digital asset platform LBank has today announced its integration with Oasys, a trailblazer in blockchain gaming technology. This strategic move bolsters LBank’s offerings in the blockchain gaming sector while cementing Oasys’ position as an industry leader. 

With its innovative “Blockchain for Games” vision, Oasys is spearheading the blockchain gaming revolution. Its multi-layered economy optimizes gaming experiences and transaction efficiency, setting it apart from competitors. Oasys’ impressive partnerships with gaming giants like SEGA, Square Enix and Ubisoft demonstrate its industry stature. 

Moreover, Oasys is making strong inroads into Japan’s massive gaming market. The exceptional performance of its $OAS token reflects growing investor interest in Oasys’ ecosystem. The success of game titles like Chain Colosseum Phoenix on Oasys has driven this upward trend.

Furthermore, 2022-2023 have been landmark years for Oasys, with mainnet launch and major exchange listings. The recent “Oasys Special Event in Kyoto” highlighted its expanding gaming portfolio. Moving forward, the OasysDragon update will enrich blockchain gaming through enhanced interoperability and content.

“Oasys is at the forefront of blockchain gaming innovation, revolutionizing the industry with strategic partnerships with leading game developers such as SEGA and Ubisoft. ,” said Daiki Moriyama, Oasys Director. 

The OAS token enables decentralized governance and drives ecosystem growth. LBank’s integration with Oasys represents a shared commitment to spearheading innovation in blockchain gaming. This partnership ushers in an exciting new chapter in the gaming revolution.

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