Karta Expands Metaverse Presence with Dedicated ZEPETO Studio

Metaverse studio Karta has unveiled a dedicated studio focused on creating tailored experiences within the Asia-centric metaverse platform ZEPETO. This move marks Karta’s strategic alignment with ZEPETO’s vibrant user base, particularly its fashion-focused avatar community, predominantly comprised of female users.


Aims to Elevate ZEPETO’s Fashion-Focused Avatar Realm


Led by 3D artist Dominique Sosseh, a pivotal figure in Karta’s recent growth, the new studio aims to leverage its expertise in crafting virtual experiences to enhance ZEPETO’s fashion-centric avatar universe. ZEPETO, boasting over 400 million users and 20 million monthly active users, stands out with its predominantly female audience, creating a distinctive environment for the metaverse collaboration.


ZEPETO’s Unique Appeal and Collaborations


Unlike many other metaverse platforms, ZEPETO has gained popularity with its primarily female audience. Its virtual fashion marketplace, hosting a lively creator community with over 2.5 billion virtual items sold, has attracted luxury brands such as Gucci, Christian Dior, Nike, Ralph Lauren, and makeup brand NARS Cosmetics. The platform’s collaboration with Gucci, initiated in 2021, has witnessed substantial success, with over 800,000 Gucci items sold on ZEPETO.


Karta CEO Erik Londré expressed excitement about the launch of the ZEPETO studio, emphasizing the immense potential and unique culture of the platform. He underlined Karta’s commitment to helping clients and partners connect with ZEPETO’s passionate community in a meaningful way.


Dominique Sosseh on ZEPETO’s Visual Style and Audience Appeal


Lead 3D artist for the new studio, Dominique Sosseh, conveyed excitement about contributing to the ZEPETO team. Highlighting ZEPETO’s distinct visual style and focus on self-expression, Sosseh sees it as a platform that every brand, especially those targeting a female audience, should be aware of. The platform’s position as the world’s largest virtual fashion marketplace adds a unique dimension to Karta’s metaverse endeavors.


Karta’s Impressive Track Record and Collaborations


This expansion marks another milestone for Karta, known for previous collaborations like the TWICE Square fan-hub and BLACKPINK THE PALACE in Roblox, along with Spotify Wrapped’s metaverse integration. Karta’s ventures extend beyond metaverse platforms, with projects like Nicki Minaj’s Gag City in Roblox, launched in partnership with the music artist in December. The company’s earlier success in crafting outstanding Roblox experiences alongside K-pop artists BLACKPINK and TWICE adds optimism to their foray into ZEPETO.


ZEPETO’s Positive Outlook on Karta’s Entry


Jay Lee, Chief Ecosystem Officer at ZEPETO, expressed optimism about Karta’s venture into their platform, citing Karta’s remarkable achievements in crafting outstanding Roblox experiences with K-pop artists. Lee emphasized Karta’s profound understanding of artists and fan communities, coupled with their adept approach to engaging a younger audience familiar with games and virtual realms, as key factors setting the stage for continued success.


In July, Karta secured $1.1 million in funding from key players in the music and gaming industry, fueling the company’s investments in team expansion, platform enhancement, and regional growth. The collaboration with ZEPETO aligns with Karta’s strategic efforts to further solidify its presence in the dynamic and rapidly evolving metaverse landscape.