India’s Kochi City Partners with START LAND Inc. for Metaverse Expansion

Kochi City in Kochi Prefecture has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to harness the potential of the Metaverse, with a strategic focus on developing markets in product sales and tourism. The city recently formalized a comprehensive collaboration agreement with START LAND Inc., a prominent operator of virtual spaces, to leverage digital technology for regional revitalization.


 Agreement Signing Ceremony in Dual Realms


The signing ceremony took place at Kochi City Hall, attended by city hall employees. Simultaneously, the ceremony unfolded within the Metaverse space, featuring avatars representing Ryugo Kuwana, Mayor of Kochi City, and Mr. KOUSEI, CEO of START LAND Inc. The agreement exchange marked the initiation of a collaborative journey between the city and the virtual space operator.


 START LAND Inc.’s Metaverse Community


START LAND Inc. is recognized for its Metaverse community, “START LAND,” integrating the real and virtual worlds, boasting approximately 20,000 users globally. The company is actively involved in NFT (non-fungible token) issuance, contributing to the growing prominence of digital assets in various sectors.


 Virtual Kochi City for Diverse Applications


Kochi City’s visionary plan involves establishing a “Virtual Kochi City” within the Metaverse space. This digital representation aims to serve as a platform for expanding sales channels for specialty products, attracting tourists, and fostering immigration. Additionally, the city is exploring potential applications in education and welfare. The anticipated launch of Virtual Kochi City is scheduled for the summer of 2024.


 START LAND Inc.’s Web3 Initiatives


START LAND Inc., headquartered in the Philippines, operates as a Web3 (distributed internet) company with a global outreach. Known for its collaboration with renowned projects, companies, and local governments, the company ventured into the NFT community in May 2022. With a commitment to “Towards a brighter future,” START LAND Inc. focuses on the development of Metaverse and Web3 games.


 Noteworthy Achievements in NFTs


In 2022, START LAND Inc. successfully released three generative NFT collections – “NEO STACKEY,” “CRYPTONINJA WORLD,” and “Panlo,” all selling out immediately. The cumulative trading volume for secondary distribution surpassed 2000 ETH (approximately 500 million yen). Furthermore, the company launched the “STARTJPN ALL STARS PROJECT,” featuring collaborations between overseas intellectual properties and 12 iconic Japanese IPs.



The collaboration between Kochi City and START LAND Inc. marks a pivotal step in utilizing the Metaverse for regional revitalization. As Kochi City prepares to unveil Virtual Kochi City within the Metaverse, the partnership promises to explore innovative avenues in tourism, product sales, education, and welfare. START LAND Inc.’s expertise in the Metaverse and Web3 domain adds a layer of digital sophistication to Kochi City’s vision, signaling a collaborative effort towards a transformative future.