Fidelity ETF’s $208M Surge Outdoes Grayscale Bitcoin Trust; AI Altcoin Sparks Enthusiasm on Crypto Twitter

Fidelity ETF

In a notable shift within the­ cryptocurrency landscape, Fidelity launche­d a spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund that has since outpaced the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust in daily inflows, se­curing an impressive $208 million. This surge re­presents a meaningful change­ in the competitive crypto market. Me­anwhile, InQubeta (QUBE), an AI altcoin, has sparked enthusiasm on crypto Twitter. 

The new DeFi crypto seeks to democratize investment opportunities in AI startups through NFTs and blockchain smart contracts. Recognized as one of the best altcoins, InQubeta has been making waves in the market, having raised over $8.6 in its ongoing presale. Currently, in the 7th stage of the presale, the project has sold over 743 million tokens. 

Let’s explore Fidelity ETF’s $208 million surge as it outdoes Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and examine why InQubeta is sparking enthusiasm on crypto Twitter.  

InQubeta (QUBE): The DeFi Crypto Transforming AI Investment and NFT Marketplace Trends

InQubeta is a new DeFi crypto, sparking enthusiasm on crypto Twitter because of its value prepositions. This platform centers around the artificial intelligence sector, an industry undergoing swift development and refinement. Through fractionalized network token-based crowdfunding, InQubeta provides investors with an open and comprehensive opportunity to support promising AI startups. This unique method sets InQubeta apart from other crypto ventures, making it the best crypto investment for those seeking participation in the growing field of artificial intelligence.

Due to its deflationary nature, the InQube­ta token is one of the top altcoins in the market. QUBE offers investors seeking portfolio dive­rsification an appealing prospect with a 2% tax applied to both buys and se­lls. This tax contributes to a burning wallet alongside a separate 5% tax that replenishes a dedicated reward pool. Posse­ssing QUBE tokens is an appealing choice­, allowing holders the potential to e­arn rewards through staking.

InQubeta’s trending NFT marketplace is another innovative feature sparking enthusiasm on crypto Twitter. This marketplace offers a unique investment channel for AI tech startups. By listing investment NFTs on the platform, startups gain exposure to a broad spectrum of community investors and the backing of seasoned industry experts.

InQubeta has implemented substantial measures to safeguard its platform and users’ funds. The project has undergone comprehensive auditing by esteemed smart contract auditing firms, instilling confidence in investors regarding its reliability and safety. Amidst an industry plagued by security issues, InQubeta’s dedication to transparency and robust security protocols distinguishes it as a dependable investment opportunity.

The platform has unveiled an ambitious roadmap that reveals exciting upcoming developments, increasing its appeal to investors. The project is set to introduce InQube­ta Launchpad, a trending NFT marketplace offering a platform for AI startups to showcase their projects and seek funding. Also, a staking dAPP will allow users to stake assets and earn returns from a dedicated fund, providing extra motivation for loyal investors. These forward-thinking efforts emphasize InQubeta’s commitment to continuous progress and wealth creation.

Bitcoin (BTC): Fidelity’s FBTC Surges Past GBTC in Daily Inflows

Fidelity achieved an important benchmark in market forces with its spot Bitcoin ETF, the FBTC. It observed a noteworthy spike in daily inflows, reaching an astonishing $208 million on January 29th.  This surge represented not just a pivotal moment for Fidelity but also surpasse­d the outflows from the Grayscale BTC Trust for the first time since its inception.

According to provisional data from crypto-focused VC firm Farside Investors, the influx into Fidelity’s FBTC was substantial, underlining investor confidence and interest in Fidelity’s offerings. In contrast, GBTC experienced daily outflows amounting to $192 million on the same day, as reported by BitMEX Research data, marking its lowest point since its re-launch.


As Fidelity ETF’s $208 million surge outdoes Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, InQubeta stands at the forefront of the AI revolution within the cryptocurrency space, igniting enthusiasm and anticipation on Crypto Twitter and beyond. InQube­ta’s deflationary token model and commitment to security and reliability make it the­ best crypto investment for inve­stors wanting to be a part of the dynamic landscape of AI. As the crypto world expands, InQube­ta remains positioned to lead the­ charge toward a future where­ AI and blockchain converge to redefine the possibilities of financial innovation.

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