Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade Completes Testnet Trials, Mainnet Comes Next

Ethereum’s developers expect to schedule Dencun’s mainnet launch date during the Feb. 8 All Core Devs call.

The final dress-rehearsal for Ethereum’s highly-anticipated Dencun upgrade was successful, with Dencun going live on the Holesky testnet on Feb. 7.

Prominent Ethereum developers and community members celebrated the fork’s smooth deployment, with EthPandaOps describing the Holesky launch as “uneventful.” The fork followed two other testnet deployment on Sepolia one week ago and Goerli three weeks.

“Holesky is finalized,” tweeted Paritosh, a devops engineer at the Ethereum Foundation. “Churn limit looks good so far and blobs are flowing smoothly! Next stop, mainnet!”

The mainnet deployment for Dencun is not currently scheduled, but Ethereum developers are expected to determine the date for its launch during the Feb. 8 All Core Devs Execution call.