Dogecoin Foundation Announces Ambitious 2024 Roadmap

The Dogecoin Foundation, led by senior software engineer Ed Tubbs, announced its strategic goals for 2024, which is another significant move in its ongoing vision to promote the cryptocurrency’s development and use.

The foundation is renowned for its innovative projects like GigaWallet, LibDogecoin, and RadioDoge. Its roadmap will aim to enhance these projects and introduce new ones to bring onboard more users and build Dogecoin’s technological backbone.

Libdogecoin 0.1.3 Release Marks a Milestone

One of the highlights is the release of the libdogecoin 0.1.3, the result of a year’s diligent efforts to improve and expand the core C library that is the foundation of Dogecoin’s features.

The latest version has many new features, some of which are community-driven, like the Android support, and continue to reflect the foundation’s principles of shared development. The update is set to deliver developers with better tools to build Dogecoin-based applications that could spur a grander innovation within the ecosystem.

Expanding GigaWallet’s Reach and Functionality

The gigaWallet, the foundation’s premiere backend service for Dogecoin transactions, is envisaged to receive major upgrading. The roadmap depicts a plan to expand the shopping cart integration to significant platforms such as Shopify and improve intuitive APIs and storage standards. 

The main aim of this upgrade is to make it easier for online stores, social media platforms, and other similar services to integrate Dogecoin payments, in turn increasing the cryptocurrency’s accessibility and usage in everyday transactions.

RadioDoge’s Innovative Approach to Connectivity

The foundation additionally declared its adoption of RadioDoge, a project aiming to expand Dogecoin’s reach in under-served areas with either poor or no internet connectivity. Thanks to adopting LoRa technology and the Starlink satellite network, RadioDoge is a new way of overcoming connectivity issues. Further developing the project in 2024 is expected to unearth even more use cases and expand the network, thereby giving the Dogecoin transactions access at the global level.

However, the Dogecoin Foundation does not limit itself to project-related developments; instead, it aims to increase the power of its projects and community development. The plans include growing the team, interacting with the community through platforms like Discord, and launching a new website and developer portal. 

This activity seeks to build a more welcoming and supportive community among new and existing developers to increase the number of people contributing to the growth of Dogecoin.

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