Cryptopunk NFT Collections : CryptoPunk NFT collection

The world of non-fungible tokens seems to still be going strong as gmoney recently secured a $1,000,000 USDC loan against his Ape Punk #8219, a valuable piece from the CryptoPunk NFT collection. The artist was able to access this opportunity through the GONDI lending protocol.

Considered a significant milestone in cryptocurrency and digital art realms, this transaction underscores the persistent significance and worth of NFTs in both financial and artistic domains while highlighting the enduring value of digital assets. GONDI, a decentralized NFT lending protocol, emphasizes its role in creating a dynamic and liquid ecosystem for NFTs.

The loan terms include a 14% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for 180 days. gmoney, a prominent figure in the NFT space, is recognized for his early investments in high-value NFTs and his contributions to Web3 education and fashion.