Coinbase Adds Render to Listing Roadmap in Support of Solana-based Cryptos

Coinbase Adds Render to Listing Roadmap in Support of Solana-based Cryptos

Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States, has announced the addition of Render (RNDR) to its “listing roadmap,” signaling potential future support for the asset amid the increasing activity within Solana’s ecosystem, positioning it as a competitor to Ethereum (ETH).

Render, described as an image-synthesizing ecosystem utilizing distributed Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) computers, has garnered attention as Coinbase signals its potential inclusion on the platform.

Coinbase introduced the listing roadmap in 2022 to enhance transparency and minimize the likelihood of investors gaining an advantage by anticipating new trading support announcements.

Criteria for Listing

Cryptocurrencies featured on Coinbase’s listing roadmap must meet specific criteria before being formally listed on the exchange. This vetting process ensures compliance with regulatory standards and aligns with Coinbase’s commitment to offering its users reliable and compliant trading options.

At the time of writing, RNDR is trading at $4.55, representing a notable increase of over 17% in the past seven days. This surge in value underscores Render’s growing interest and potential utility within the cryptocurrency market.

Historical Precedent

Render’s potential listing follows a trend observed with other Solana-based assets on Coinbase’s radar. The exchange recently included the Solana meme coin Bonk Inu (BONK) in its roadmap section, triggering a significant price rally. Subsequently, Coinbase officially embraced BONK, resulting in further value appreciation.

A similar scenario unfolded with another Solana-based asset called Hivemapper (HONEY). After being placed in the experimental zone of Coinbase’s roadmap, HONEY experienced a surge of over 100% in value at the beginning of January.

According to Daily Hodl, following Coinbase’s official support, HONEY reached an all-time high of $0.33 two weeks later, highlighting the impact of Coinbase’s listings on asset valuation.

According to Crypto Potato, as Coinbase expands its listings and explores opportunities within emerging cryptocurrency ecosystems, investors remain attentive to developments within the Solana network and the potential implications for the broader cryptocurrency market.

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