Check your Ekubo Airdrop: Complete Guide | by Crypto DeFi | Feb, 2024

Ekubo Free giveaway

EKUBO initiative airdrops are special events where free tokens are given to existing token holders. They’re a way for crypto projects to acknowledge their loyal community members.

What is Ekubo?

Ekubo Protocol is a Automated Market Maker (AMM) designed for Starknet’s Layer 2 scaling. Its standout feature is the singleton architecture, enhancing gas efficiency and offering concentrated liquidity. This positions Ekubo to potentially capture a significant market share on Starknet, especially with competitors like Uniswap yet to make a move.

Despite a modest Twitter following of 3,000, Ekubo has attracted industry leaders like Fred Ehrsam of Paradigm and Bryan Pellegrino of LayerZero Labs. Their ties with RevertFinance, a top analytics platform, further highlight their industry impact.

While Ekubo currently lacks an associated token, they’ve expressed interest in sharing revenue with their users, a trend gaining traction in the industry.

The Ekubo Token distribution

Attending the Ekubo Free giveaway: A User-Friendly Instruction Guide

Ekubo Airdrop
  • 💰 Link your active cryptocurrency wallet. Note: Unused or new wallets are not qualified.
  • 🚀 Claim your $EKUB tokens.

Well done! You can easily earn $100-$500! Show your support, give applause, and follow along. Thank you!