Chainlink and Protocol Labs Unite for Tech and DeFi Growth

Chainlink Labs, the main owner of the decentralized computer platform, aims at basic relationships between Chainlink Labs and Protocol Labs so that developers can connect their platforms to data sources from any global point.

This collaboration is specific to empower the Chainlink BUILD program, which fosters early stage startups that operate in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space, global trade, and gaming. 

Ruben Amenyogbo, a Partner at Protocol Labs Builders Fund, highlighted the importance of providing founders with expert guidance and access to infrastructure to help them succeed in the dynamic tech industry.

Protocol Labs brings an innovation network of over 600 tech startups, funds, accelerators, and various projects across technologies like AI, AR, VR, and more. Through this alliance, Protocol Labs will offer Chainlink BUILD project support, including engineering assistance, decentralized storage credits, and opportunities for engagement with researchers and mentors.

This initiative is part of Protocol Labs’ broader effort to drive growth within the Filecoin ecosystem and beyond, reflecting a shared history of supporting builders and startups aiming to advance technology for humanity.

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