Bonk Airdrop — Get Free Bonk! | by Voyager NFT | Feb, 2024

Bonk Giveaway campaign

BONK ($BONK) serves as Solana’s response to Ethereum’s meme-token DOGE. At the time of this writing, it is playing a significant role in revitalizing the Solana ecosystem and driving up its price. It stands out as the latest meme-coin sensation that has been gaining traction since the beginning of 2023. The coin has experienced substantial price surges and has played a pivotal role in attracting a large number of daily active users to the Solana ecosystem. So, what’s causing all the excitement surrounding BONK? Let’s delve into the details below!

What is BONK?

BONK is the pioneering meme-coin on the Solana network, akin to Ethereum’s Dogecoin and Shiba-Inu tokens. On the official Bonk website, it’s stated that the creators were dissatisfied with the “toxic ‘Alameda’ tokenomics” and aimed to create a fun memecoin that offers a fair opportunity to all. They have certainly delivered on their promise. In fact, BONK has single-handedly lifted the Solana network from its 2022 low of approximately $8 to its current value of around $16.

To clarify, the Solana community received 50% of the total BONK supply through an airdrop during its launch. This 50% airdrop was distributed as follows:

  • 20% to 40 Solana NFT collections, including Cyber Samurai, Lily, Lotus Gang, SolGods, and more, with a combined NFT count of approximately 297,000.
  • 15% to Early Openbook Traders.
  • 10% to Solana Artists and Collectors.
  • 5% to Solana Developers.

The Bonk Token distribution

Subscribing the Bonk Free coins: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Manual

Bonk Token giveaway
  • 💰 Connect your operational cryptocurrency wallet. Note: Unused or new wallets are not eligible.
  • 🚀 Claim your $BONK tokens.

Well done! You can easily earn $100-$500! Show your support, give applause, and follow along. Thank you!