Bitcoin Analyst Predicts A $600 Billion Altcoin Drive, Pushing Global Market Cap To $2.2T

The notable Bitcoin analyst Michael van de Poppe has predicted an explosive run for altcoins in the coming days. According to the market watcher, Altcoin has the potential to generate more than $600 million inflow in the future.

With such a massive drive, he expects the global crypto market to hit a $2.2 trillion capitalization in no time.

Meanwhile, today, February 6, the market cap is around $1.66 trillion. 

Bitcoin Analyst Shows Optimism In The Growth Of The Crypto Market Cap

The Bitcoin analyst took to the X platform to lay out his thoughts on an upcoming trend in the market. He based his forecast on the prevailing market dynamics and the cumulative circulating funds.

In his analysis, van de Poppe pointed out that the crypto market is currently undergoing a consolidation stage. 

This reflects when the market is retracing its trend and preparing to launch a more considerable momentum. Further, the analyst indicated his optimism for a better performance.

He believed the market was currently at its lowest cycle and could only move upward.

In line with his expectations, van de Popped mentioned that the global crypto market will reach the $2.2 trillion mark.

He stated:

Very likely that we’ll see a continuation from here; the momentum and trend are extremely strong. Continuation towards $2.2T coming from Altcoins.

As of today, February 6, the market cap is $1.66 trillion. As such, it will record a growth increase of 32.53% to reach the prediction. Additionally, the analyst included a chart to show an expected trajectory that befits the growth.

According to the chart, weekly patterns specify the market’s opening and closing points. 

Also, the graph highlights the pivotal points in trends after the last recorded market peak. Further, the chart showed that a successful entry into the $1.87 trillion region of the market would represent a confirmation of its potential movement to the $2.2 trillion threshold.

Recall that the crypto market last grew to $2.2 trillion by the end of 2021. This period aligned with the highest point of the previous bull season before the bears became dominant.

Altcoins Expected To Pioneer The $2.2T Crypto Market Cap

Alternative cryptocurrencies, known as altcoins, have gained more attention recently. Due to the higher value of Bitcoin, many investors have been adopting altcoins as their preference.

So analyst van de Poppe believed that altcoins have a significant role in his forecast.

He mentioned that they will champion the growth of the global market cap to reach $2.2 million. He predicted that altcoins would garner at least $600 billion to boost the market influx very soon.

Surprisingly, other prominent crypto personalities have shared similar posts on the role of altcoins in bull runs. 

Recently, stock investor Jelle mentioned that altcoins would be the most significant investment opportunity in the crypto space. He noted that they kick off a massive increase within the next few weeks.