10 Best Solana Wallets (2024)

Released in 2021, Phantom is the best Solana wallet inside this ecosystem. It allows its users to transfer, receive, store, stake, and trade digital assets within the Solana network. With more than three million members today, the organization has introduced numerous services in the past few years.

Its most significant achievement was adding support for the Ethereum and Polygon networks, which increased the range of resources and decentralized apps that users could access and engage with via the app. It is also possible to link Phantom to your Ledger Nano hardware wallet. Nevertheless, only the web browsers for Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Chrome support this capability. Phantom does not enable this integration in its iOS and Android mobile apps, but the firm intends to add this capability shortly.

As a Solana NFT wallet, users can store and manage their NFT assets on Phantom and ensure their security and safety.