XRP may recover as traders bank on Injective and InQubeta

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2024 has hit the ground running—a great start to what many believe will be a bull market. While some tokens have had a head start, crypto experts anticipate XRP prices to surge. This is due to its underwhelming performance in Q4 2023. Meanwhile, traders are optimistic about Injective (INJ) and InQubeta (QUBE).

This post will cover the expected XRP price surge and the optimism around Injective and InQubeta.

The InQubeta approach

InQubeta is a low market cap project that has raised over $7.9 million in early funding.

It stands at the intersection of AI and blockchain, two of the world’s most transformative innovations. 

Its unique approach will introduce a novel fundraising approach in the AI sector. 

InQubeta aims to be a crowdfunding platform for AI startups. Additionally, its NFT marketplace will be a hub for vetted AI projects or companies in their early stages. 

In the sixth stage of the presale, QUBE is available for $0.01925. Experts say there could be more upside for the token once it launches.

XRP rally incoming?

After Ripple and XRP grabbed headlines in mid-2023, prices crashed.

However, analysts expect prices to recover despite its underwhelming performance in H2 2023.

Injective ready for gains

Injective was one of the highlights of 2023 after posting sharp rallies.

Analysts expect INJ bulls to extend gains.

Injective is dedicated to finance—powering next-generation defi applications where INJ will play a key role.


Analysts expect crypto prices to rally in 2024. While crypto experts say XRP will surge, traders are banking on Injective and InQubeta to outperform the market.

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