The Quest 2 Price Cut Becomes Permanent: $249 Gets You Into the Metaverse

If you’ve been wanting to invest in a quality VR headset but haven’t made the plunge, now is a good time to buy. Meta’s recently released Quest 3 is readily available, but it also carries a $500 price tag — and Apple’s Vision Pro will be seven times as pricey. However, if you don’t need the latest model, the previous-gen Meta Quest 2 is locking in its holiday price drop for 2024. Confirmation of the price — which will remain at just under just under $250 for the 128GB version — was confirmed in a New Year’s Eve blog post from Meta. (The Quest 2 had cost as much as $400 after a price hike back in 2022.)

The Quest 2 is still our pick for the best VR headset you can get for the price, especially now. It even won a CNET Editors’ Choice Award last year. If you want more storage, you can grab the 256GB model of the Quest 2 instead. It’s now available for only $300. And if you want to stock up on accessories for your console, you’re in luck. Meta has also cut prices on several Quest 2 accessories, slashing $10 off several options, including the Elite strap, the Active Pack and the Fit Pack, which drops the prices to just $50, $60 and $40, respectively. Or you can bundle the Elite strap and battery for only $90 now, a $30 savings. And to keep your gear safe, the Quest 2 carrying case is now just $45, which is $15 less than its original price. 

When compared with the Quest 3, the newer model does have better hardware, including an improved processor and a higher-resolution display. However, CNET’s Scott Stein noted in his review that the software hasn’t quite caught up. At half the price, the Quest 2 may be the better option for budget-conscious buyers, especially because it offers comparable battery life and similar productivity functions to its predecessor. 

If you decide that you would rather invest in the newest model, be sure to check our out roundup of Quest 3 deals. 

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