Tether Investors’ Surge Towards Mollars, Ethereum’s New Store-of-Value Token

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A new cryptocurrency, still in its initial coin offering (view ico here) stage & scheduled to debut on the Ethereum Blockchain in 2024, is quickly gaining a lot of notoriety among crypto enthusiasts. Branded “Mollars”, this crypto project aims to position itself as the ERC-20 network’s new Bitcoin or being more technical, a decentralized Store-of-Value token

The token remains in its presale phase and has been steadily accumulating sales each day, nearing the completion of its initial funding round. Notably, among the communities expressing significant interest in Mollars are the holders of Tether (USDT).

What Are Store of Value Tokens?

One of the most fascinating aspects about cryptocurrencies is that, even though at their core they are different from commodities like gold or assets like stock, they are still able to fulfill the roles of these types of assets with a faster and more decentralized exchange platform.

Store-of-Value (SoV) cryptocurrencies are inherently characterized by their limited supply, akin to precious commodities such as gold. These digital tokens, exemplified by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) , possess a predetermined maximum issuance, fostering scarcity similar to finite resources. This scarcity factor contributes to their perception as a secure and enduring form of value storage.  It also fosters trust and utility akin to traditional assets, despite their intangible nature. The confidence in their finite supply reinforces their role as reliable instruments for wealth preservation in the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized finance.

What Makes Mollars an SoV?

Mollars boasts several key features that solidify its standing in the crypto market. Firstly, its decentralized nature aligns with the ethos of cryptocurrencies, having no central ownership, thereby promoting trust and autonomy among users. 

With a capped total supply of only 10,000,000 tokens, scarcity plays a pivotal role in establishing its value, making it one of the [SOV] cryptos with the most limited supply to ever enter the blockchain. The token’s debut on the ERC-20 leverages the network’s technological prowess, offering advanced transactional capabilities and minimal fees, appealing to investors seeking efficiency and cost-effectiveness in their transactions. 

This scarcity, combined with Ethereum’s robust infrastructure, positions Mollars as a potential safe haven from external volatility, potentially attracting both Ethereum blockchain enthusiasts and investors seeking long-term value preservation in a digital asset.

Tether Investors Are Buying Mollars

Analyzing Mollars’ presale address, it is easy to spot a recent spike of buyers who are Tether ($USDT) holders. Every day, USDT investors are acquiring thousands of dollars in $MOLLARS. 

As a stablecoin pegged to the dollar, Tether is commonly used as a medium between crypto and fiat, due to its stability. However, these types of crypto are unable to serve as an SoV digital currency due to the fact that it is ‘centralized’ around the U.S. Dollar.

Perhaps for this reason, these holders are opting to acquire a currency that is positioning itself for tremendous growth as it enters the market, and also becomes the unofficial SoV for the World’s most active and largest blockchain. 

Understanding Mollars Presale: Potential 10.000% ROI

After only a couple of weeks, the project’s presale has already sold nearly 60.000 tokens. This means that those who are looking to buy the currency have limited time to obtain $MOLLARS at $0.30.

The thirty-cent offer is limited to the first 100.000 tokens sold on the presale. Its second phase will offer the token for $0.40. 

If the project can reach the presale hard cap, $MOLLARS will debut on the market with a price of $0.62. This means that investors obtaining the token at $0.30 can reach a 100% ROI right at the listing date.

However, the true potential for holding this new token lies beyond its ICO. As an ownerless, safe, and limited supply token, Mollars has the potential to become the blockchain’s go-to asset when investors are looking to keep their money stored in an asset that is poised to become deflationary over time.

The overwhelming interest from Tether holders during its presale could also symbolize a shift in investment approach in the market today. As the entire market grows in adoption, utility, and popularity, the idea of holding a crypto pegged to a fiat currency could become obsolete in the future. 

As Mollars emerges as an alternative for everyone in the Ethereum Blockchain, and if it succeeds in becoming the platform’s Store of Value, today’s worth of $0.30 could be over 100  times higher

Discuss the latest updates on Mollars with other token presale investors via social community reddit (r/MollarsToken).  

View the latest stats or purchase $MOLLARS before it lists on a public crypto exchange via Mollars.com — the official website.