NOWNodes Enhances Blockchain Node API Services with Neo N3 Integration

In a recent development, NOWNodes, a provider of blockchain node API services, has expanded its offerings by integrating Neo N3. This integration aims to provide developers with enhanced accessibility to the Neo N3 network, facilitating seamless interaction with this network and other major blockchain networks through dedicated RPC nodes.

Empowering Developers with Easy Network Access:

NOWNodes’ incorporation of Neo N3 into its services is geared towards simplifying the challenges faced by developers in maintaining node infrastructure across diverse blockchain networks. The company emphasizes the reliability of its services, ensuring guaranteed uptime and offering around-the-clock technical support for all supported networks. Importantly, NOWNodes operates without imposing rate limits on user requests.


User-Friendly Access through API Key:

To leverage NOWNodes’ services, users are required to obtain an API key, easily accessible upon creating a free account. The free plan, with a one-month duration, permits up to 100,000 requests. For users with more extensive needs, an entry-level plan is available at €20, offering the capability of up to a million requests per month. Payments for these plans can be conveniently made through credit card transactions or cryptocurrency.

Neo N3 API Functionality:

Presently, the NOWNodes API for Neo N3 supports a range of fundamental requests, including getblock, getrawtransaction, and sendrawtransaction. It is important to note that the current functionality does not encompass support for contract test invocation tools or plugin-based operations, such as those offered by the TokensTracker or StateService modules.


As NOWNodes integrates Neo N3 into its blockchain node API services, the move signifies a step forward in empowering developers with simplified access to the Neo N3 network and other significant blockchain networks. With a commitment to service reliability, guaranteed uptime, and continuous technical support, NOWNodes offers a user-friendly experience without imposing rate limits on requests. The integration provides developers with a valuable resource for efficient and seamless interaction with blockchain networks, further contributing to the evolution of blockchain technology.