Navigating inSure DeFi $SURE Airdrop: A Straightforward Guide for Beginners | by WarlockCrimsonEquity | Jan, 2024

inSure DeFi $SURE token Airdrop

Introduction inSure DeFi $SURE is enhancing its community involvement through the inSure DeFi $SURE token airdrop. This initiative is pivotal for decentralizing governance within the NFT space.

  • OpenSea Traders: Users active within a specified timeframe.
  • Bluechip NFT Holders: Owners of certain high-value NFTs at the snapshot time.
  • NFTfi Participants: Active borrowers or lenders on NFTfi.
  • Discord Community Members: Engaged members of inSure DeFi $SURE’s Discord.
inSure DeFi $SURE Airdrop

inSure DeFi $SURE Official website

  1. Verify Eligibility: Confirm your participation by checking inSure DeFi $SURE’s criteria.
  2. Access the Portal: Visit the inSure DeFi $SURE airdrop claim portal on their official website.
  3. Connect Wallet: Utilize a Web3 wallet like MetaMask that meets the airdrop criteria.
  4. Claim Tokens: Follow on-screen instructions on the portal.
  5. Transaction Confirmation: Be aware of any associated gas fees.
  6. Receive Tokens: BDIN tokens will be deposited in your connected wallet.
Connect wallet

Becoming a BDIN token holder connects you to inSure DeFi $SURE’s ecosystem, opening avenues for participation and growth.

This tutorial is designed for easy understanding and implementation, ensuring you can efficiently claim your inSure DeFi $SURE tokens and engage actively in the inSure DeFi $SURE community.