Napster and TerraZero Partner to Offer Metaverse Experiences to All Artists on Napster, Transforming Music Fandom and Monetization

Napster signs leading independent Chicago rap, funk, and R&B artist Ric Wilson as its first artist to launch a virtual hangout on its music service.

Today, Napster, the original music disruptor and longest-running independent music streaming service in the world, and TerraZero Technologies, the leading open metaverse platform developing a suite of software products that bring brands and businesses into the metaverse, are entering into a partnership where TerraZero will enable Napster to offer immersive virtual hangouts to artists on the platform, marking a transformative leap in the way that fans and artists are able to connect on a Music DSP. The first virtual hangout opens today and will feature rap, funk, and R&B artist Ric Wilson. Napster subscribers can jump into Wilson’s specially designed space, where they can explore and listen to his music. In the coming weeks, Wilson will debut and perform his new single live in the virtual hangout.

“Napster has a rich history of empowering music artists, giving them innovative and creative ways to interact with their fans while also providing new monetization opportunities,” said Jon Vlassopulos, CEO of Napster. “Previously, these kinds of virtual metaverse-style worlds have only been available within platforms like Fortnite and Roblox, but now anyone will be able to access these fun, engaging artist hangouts straight from their browser. Ric Wilson’s virtual hangout is the first example of what our partnership with TerraZero will deliver in 2024 as we look to roll out the ability for any artist on Napster to have their own virtual hangout space to connect with their fans directly, unlocking new revenue streams and ways for artists to express themselves creatively.” 

“Napster has always been the original innovator in the music space, so partnering to bring immersive virtual experiences to life that leverage our Intraverse Technology Platform for their millions of artists made complete sense,” said Dan Reitzik, CEO of TerraZero Technologies. “Ric Wilson is a fantastic artist to represent our first foray together in delivering online virtual hangouts to music fans on a leading Music DSP and the best part is we’re just getting started.”

In a world where music and technology converge, Napster leverages the power of the open metaverse to provide artists, starting with the acclaimed Ric Wilson, with personalized virtual hangouts that allow them to represent their personality, passion, and music and feature creative imagery, videos, and most importantly their music, directly to their fans. This integration not only enhances user experience but also opens up innovative avenues for revenue generation for both physical and digital merchandise. 

“Ahh man I’m super excited about this, shoutout to Jon and the Napster team. They’re clearly committed to shaking things up in the music world,” said the acclaimed recording artist Ric Wilson. “They are giving artists and their supporters something fresh with these virtual hangouts. I love mine because it’s just so me and fans can come hang and dance together while listening to my music and learn more about me which is what I think music marketing should be. I can’t wait to have everyone check it out.”

Later this year TerraZero and Napster will launch additional artist virtual hangouts. These customizable virtual hangouts will offer fans the opportunity to play games, win prizes, listen to exclusive music, buy concert tickets as well as digital and physical merch, watch live performances, and hang out with their favorite artists online.

Spencer Hulse is the Editorial Director at Grit Daily. He is responsible for overseeing other editors and writers, day-to-day operations, and covering breaking news.