Klaytn Foundation Welcomes $GPC and Goldstation to its Blockchain Ecosystem

Klaytn Foundation Welcomes $GPC and Goldstation to its Blockchain Ecosystem
January 3, 2024
January 3, 2024

Kelly Cromley

The Klaytn Foundation, the driving force behind South Korea’s Klaytn public blockchain, has recently announced the onboarding of $GPC (Gold-Pegged Coin) and its supporting DeFi platform, Goldstation. Developed by South Korean internet giant Kakao, Klaytn aims to broaden its blockchain utility by incorporating novel offerings within its ecosystem.


$GPC Token and Goldstation on Klaytn:

CREDER, a digital transformation firm based in South Korea, has successfully launched the $GPC token on the Klaytn blockchain, marking a significant milestone. This initiative positions $GPC as the first gold token within the DeFi space outside the Ethereum network. Notably, $GPC stands out as the inaugural tokenized gold that does not impose percentage-based fees for transactions, distinguishing it within the crypto landscape.


Benefits of $GPC on Klaytn Blockchain:

According to Klaytn, users of $GPC will leverage the advantages of the Klaytn blockchain, particularly its low gas fees. This feature allows users to make small investments in gold, enhancing accessibility and democratizing the gold token market. Eliminating percentage-based transaction fees further ensures a cost-effective trading experience for users engaging with gold tokens on the DeFi platform.


Collaboration and Future Prospects:

Sam Seo, the representative director of Klaytn Foundation, expressed the foundation’s collaboration with CREDER in meticulously preparing for $GPC and Goldstation. Moving forward, the foundation aims to work closely with its partners to introduce a diverse range of metal RWA tokenization projects in both domestic and global markets.

Goldstation’s Service Commencement and Global Expansion Plans:

Goldstation, the supporting DeFi platform, is set to launch its services, including $GPC staking, on January 24. Initially catering to South Korean residents, Goldstation has ambitious plans to expand its services globally in the future, contributing to the widespread adoption of gold tokenization.


Klaytn’s Diverse Use Cases:

Klaytn blockchain has extended its use cases beyond traditional boundaries. In addition to hosting DeFi platforms, it has ventured into real-world asset tokenization and actively participated in the Bank of Korea’s CBDC pilot project. Noteworthy collaborations, such as the partnership with a shipping unit of the Indonesian conglomerate Korindo in November, exemplify Klaytn’s commitment to exploring innovative tokenization practices.



The inclusion of $GPC and Goldstation within the Klaytn blockchain ecosystem showcases the platform’s commitment to diversification and innovation. With $GPC introducing novel features as the first gold token in DeFi outside Ethereum and Goldstation expanding services globally, Klaytn Foundation positions itself as a key player in shaping the future landscape of blockchain and decentralized finance.