Dogecoin Price Prediction With Elon Musk’s X App’s Future Igniting DOGE Ascent To $1

Dogecoin price prediction reveals a tug-of-war between bearish trends and potential boosts from Elon Musk’s ‘X’ app developments, impacting DOGE’s market position.

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Dogecoin price prediction: Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency inspired by the viral “doge” meme, recently experienced a notable price surge, exceeding 10%. However, this bullish trend was short-lived as the digital currency quickly underwent a market correction. 

The adjustment erased its weekly gains, aligning with the broader downturn in the cryptocurrency market. Presently, the price of Dogecoin trades at $0.07754, marking a 2.33% decline, a sign of prevailing bearish forces.

In the last 24 hours, Dogecoin’s trading volume has plummeted by over 22%, totaling around $307 million. This decrease in volume suggests a higher number of sellers in the market. Despite this, Dogecoin remains the 9th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, valued at approximately $11.16 billion. It boasts a circulating supply of roughly 142.8 billion DOGE coins.

Dogecoin price prediction
Dogecoin price prediction

The past week has not been favorable for Dogecoin, as it recorded a drop of more than 2%. This decline extends over the month, with a significant 17% decrease in value. Dogecoin price has been fluctuating, mainly between $0.075 and $0.089. This range is critical for the coin’s market trajectory, with current trends indicating a stronger bearish influence. 

The peak of the week saw Dogecoin reaching slightly over $0.089, but the mounting selling pressure pushed its value down, and it is now struggling to stay above the $0.08 mark. The ongoing battle between the bullish and bearish camps in the market is creating a dynamic tug-of-war, significantly impacting the meme coin’s future value.

Dogecoin Price Prediction: Elon Musk’s Influence and Future Prospects

In a conversation with Ben Shapiro, Elon Musk revealed his plans for ‘X,’ an ambitious app aiming to revolutionize what PayPal initially set out to be. Musk’s intention to integrate payment options in ‘X’ this year could significantly impact Dogecoin, potentially driving its short-term momentum. This announcement has sparked considerable interest, especially among Dogecoin enthusiasts.

The excitement within the Dogecoin community was further amplified when Musk recently launched an official Payments account, momentarily boosting DOGE price. However, financial experts warn that this surge, fueled by the initial excitement, may not sustain Dogecoin’s price rise in the long term. As the token’s price began to fall, these predictions came true, highlighting the challenges of maintaining growth based on market sentiment alone.

Technical Analysis and the Path Ahead for Dogecoin

The Meme coin has encountered several hurdles as it navigates through the initial months of 2024, yet its performance at the critical trendline could define its price trajectory for the year. If Dogecoin price manages to ascend beyond the $0.078 mark, there’s a potential for the cryptocurrency to aim for higher milestones, possibly touching $0.09 and even approaching the coveted $0.1 mark. 

Conversely, a downturn in its price could see Dogecoin descending towards the $0.065 threshold in the foreseeable future.

Dogecoin price  chart: Tradingview

Despite the prevalent selling pressure indicated by most moving averages and oscillators in the 24-hour chart, the technical indicators suggest a silver lining for Dogecoin. The Relative Strength Index (RSI), currently at 42, has slipped under the neutral 50-level, often considered a precursor to a possible price rebound. Furthermore, the Average Directional Index(ADX) is positioned in a bearish zone at 20, reinforcing the notion of a potential short-term bearish trend for Dogecoin.

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