Does Ark Survival Ascended have tether distance? Explained

Ark Survival Ascended has a tether distance feature that co-op players must keep in mind when playing the survival title. Tether distance essentially dictates how far you can go from the main host. Friends who want to play the game together may want to understand how it works, as it is a key aspect of co-op map exploration.

This guide goes through the basics of the title’s tether feature and how to change it for the player’s preference and convenience.

What is tether distance in Ark Survival Ascended?


In Ark Survival Ascended, tether distance dictates how far players can venture from the host player. It’s a crucial mechanic for non-dedicated servers and is often used for groups of friends who want to play together. Hence, this does not apply to dedicated servers.

Essentially, a larger tether distance permits greater exploration. However, the size of the tether distance directly impacts hardware load, so larger distances put more stress on your PC or console. Meanwhile, a smaller tether distance can be used to enhance game performance, particularly on hardware grappling with the game’s load.

How to change tether distance in Ark Survival Ascended

The process of changing tether distance in ASA is easy (Image via Studio Wildcard)
The process of changing tether distance in ASA is easy (Image via Studio Wildcard)

While you cannot remove the tether distance in ASA, you can adjust it when playing on a non-dedicated server. Fine-tuning this distance in co-op allows teams to tailor their proximity during gameplay depending on their hardware performance.

Here’s how you can adjust the tether distance in the game:

  • In the Main Menu, navigate to the Host/Local option.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Scroll down to the Non-Dedicated Host Tether Distance setting.
  • Adjust the distance by sliding the button or manually typing the number of your preference.

Putting a larger number on the text field means a longer tether distance. Conversely, a smaller number means a shorter distance.

For PC users with lower specifications, it is recommended to opt for a lower tether distance setting. A higher distance results in a more extensive world to load, significantly impacting performance.

However, if you really need to run on a higher distance setting, you can tweak or deactivate graphic options, such as Shadow quality, Anti-Aliasing, Distance Field Ambient Occlusion, and View Distance, to further optimize performance.

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