Crypto Analyst Predicts Altcoin Boom While Bitcoin Dips: Good Time to Buy?

Bitcoin stands at a crucial crossroads, teetering on the verge of a potential downturn. Recent market shifts have witnessed the premier digital currency following a downward trajectory, sliding from its January 11th peak of $49,000 to below $41,000.

This has piqued the interest of analysts and investors, with respected crypto expert Michaël van de Poppe providing insightful perspectives to help us understand the scenario. Read on!

Eyes on the $2.1 Trillion Prize

Crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe draws attention to the TOTAL chart—a comprehensive measure of the collective market capitalization of all crypto assets. His analysis points to an imminent rally, propelling the market cap towards a remarkable $2.1 trillion—a potential surge of nearly 33%.

This prediction places altcoins in the spotlight, positioned to take the lead while Bitcoin undergoes a consolidation phase.

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While Bitcoin takes a breather, van de Poppe’s examination of the Bitcoin dominance (BTC.D) chart provides a roadmap for the impending market shift. Reflecting patterns observed in 2016 and 2020, coinciding with Bitcoin halving events, the chart hints at a historical cycle repeating itself.

Van de Poppe envisions a scenario where altcoins step into prominence, outperforming in the wake of Bitcoin’s consolidation phase.

Build a Robust Strategy

Amidst market uncertainties, van de Poppe contemplates whether Bitcoin has reached its lowest point, speculating on potential further declines before a rebound. Expressing personal interest in accumulating more Bitcoin, he identifies the $36,000 to $40,000 range as a strategic zone for strengthening positions.

As Bitcoin temporarily eases into its consolidation phase, attention shifts to the broader market stage. Here, altcoins emerge as key players, gearing up for potential surges and noteworthy actions.

As of now, Bitcoin is trading at $40,803, experiencing daily losses of less than 1.91% and a weekly decline of over 3.4%. 

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