Azuki, Weeb3 Spark NFT Alliance Rumors,Prices Surge 33% 

Over the weekend, Azuki’s popular NFT project raised some eyebrows when they liked and retweeted a series of tweets from Weeb3 Foundation. This harmless move sparked rumours of a possible collaboration between the two companies, and soon enough Azuki NFT collection prices jumped 33. There was something powerful about this proposal but it lacked depth overall.

The rumors were based on several factors. First, the recent rebranding of Weeb3 Foundation under influence of ANIME token mirrors Azuki’s own brand dynamics. As a result, many started thinking that perhaps ANIME is the highly anticipated Azuki token. Apart from this SanFranTokyo , another NFT project largely invested in the ANIM3 token also retweeted these posts further consolidating the idea of a joint venture.

Such a partnership has exciting potential implications. 3 joining hands with Weeb and Azuki could open the door to building a thematic NFT ecosystem in which anime brands are given their place – this is currently very much an untapped sector of immense potential. Nevertheless, in the midst of all this hype, some concerns persist. There are certainly questions about potential legal obstacles with the SEC for US-focused operations, especially considering the regulatory focus on NFTs.

The reaction to the news was also varied. While some lauded Azuki for finally “jumping on the bandwagon”, others were less optimistic regarding where this project was heading. Some also went on to comment about the timing of this move, suggesting that Azuki really should have released their own token earlier and especially in light of what happened with ApeCoin.

Undoubtedly, Azuki’s recent acts have revived interest in the project and its future plans be it a formal partnership materializes or not. Coming weeks will tell whether the rumors become realities, and how such a development might redirect NFT scene overall.

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