Dolz NFT Metaverse: A Fusion of Adult Entertainment, VR Innovation, and NFT Excellence | by Eclipse Syndicate | Dec, 2023

Marketcap: 5.5M

Potential: 10–100x mid/long term

Circ. supply: 264.41M


Embarking on this exploration of the Dolz metaverse, it’s crucial to highlight the strategic investment perspective that underlines our engagement with this project. With a vision set on substantial growth, our acquisition is fueled by the expectation for Dolz to potentially multiply its value 10 to 100 times in the mid to long term. Positioned as a long-term venture, Dolz emerges as an essential addition to every investor’s portfolio, promising a unique blend of adult content, virtual reality, and NFT innovation. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this visionary project, crafted to redefine the landscape of the adult content NFT market.

Breaking Boundaries: Dolz NFT-Powered Metaverse Redefines Adult Content and Virtual Reality

Envision a space where adult content, virtual reality, and NFTs seamlessly intertwine. The Dolz metaverse merges these elements with cutting-edge technologies, building on the legacy of the creators of the first-ever erotic VR game. This immersive experience offers users a unique blend of adult content, virtual reality, and NFT innovation, creating a forward-thinking platform that sets the stage for a new era of digital interaction. Dive into Dolz, where the convergence of these elements provides an unparalleled and strategic investment opportunity for the mid to long term.

iStripper Adult Trading Cards: Unlocking Exquisite Adult NFTs and Exclusive Shows

Discover the allure of iStripper adult trading cards within the Dolz ecosystem. From common to legendary, each NFT unlocks a 40-minute erotic show, with a community exceeding 200,000 members and over 20 million software downloads, making it a captivating addition to the metaverse.

VR Paradise NFT: Where 3D Design Meets the Future of Dolz Metaverse

Step into a realm where 3D design meets elegance with VR Paradise NFTs, a key element shaping the Dolz VR Paradise world. These virtual assets not only offer a visually stunning experience but also introduce multiplayer features and herald the world’s first 3D VR Stripclub. Anticipate an upcoming metaverse debut promising an unforgettable journey filled with special events, setting the stage for a groundbreaking and immersive experience within the Dolz ecosystem.

Dolz Platform’s Inclusive NFT Ecosystem: From Partners to User-Created NFTs

Diversity reigns supreme. From exclusive partner creations to community-generated gems, the platform offers a wide array of digital assets. Take charge as you navigate this expansive ecosystem – manage your own strip club, initiate the launch of personal NFTs, and curate a personalized VR Showroom to showcase your unique digital assets. The Dolz ecosystem invites users to explore, create, and express themselves in a dynamic and immersive digital space.

Meet the Dolz Team

Get to know the visionary minds behind Dolz as Totem Media takes center stage. Founded in 1998 by Richard Excoffier and Hervé Lucchi, the company has been a trailblazer in the adult industry, bringing forth groundbreaking concepts like VirtuaGirl and the first 3D VR Stripclub, VR Paradise, in 2018. Explore the passion for gaming and entertainment that fuels the Dolz project.


Dolz transcends the conventional boundaries of NFT platforms, offering a space where creativity knows no limits. Whether you’re a collector, creator, or enthusiast, Dolz beckons you to participate in shaping a dynamic digital landscape that reflects the diverse expressions of its community. As you navigate this innovative space, the Dolz ecosystem becomes a canvas for your digital journey, promising not only exploration but also an active role in defining the narrative of this groundbreaking metaverse.