CBDC Initiatives Unveiled by RTCore, Kerix Jad, and XUSD Blockchain

Revolutionizing Digital Finance: CBDC Initiatives Unveiled by RTCore, Kerix Jad, and XUSD Blockchain
December 4, 2023
December 4, 2023

Kelly Cromley

In a landmark move, the CoreBanking and Realtime Payments platform, RTCore, Inc., has partnered with Kerix Jad SAC and XUSD Blockchain Holdings, LLC to launch Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) initiatives in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. This collaborative effort signifies a crucial step forward in the adoption of CBDCs, heralding a new era of financial inclusion and efficiency that empowers millions worldwide to embrace the transformative potential of digital currencies.


Strategic Partnerships for Financial Inclusion


RTCore’s decision to incorporate the XUSD Family of Cryptocurrencies, specifically XUSD Prime 2.0, into the digital currency pilots in these regions is rooted in its steadfast commitment to safety, trust, and efficiency. The robust security features, precise transaction processing, and stabilized base minimum pricing of XUSD, supported by a vast pool of diversified physical commodity assets valued at over $43.621 trillion US dollars, lay a solid foundation for the global implementation of CBDCs.


John Slater, Executive Chairman of RTCore, emphasized the alignment of values in this initiative, stating, “We chose XUSD and Kerix Jad as strategic partners for this initiative because they share our stated mission of financial inclusion for the billions of people around the world lacking even basic banking services.”


Kerix Jad’s Integral Role in the Initiative


Privately held Peruvian corporation Kerix Jad SAC, with a portfolio encompassing over 260 metal and mineral mines, has played a pivotal role in contributing substantial physical assets to the RTCore initiative. CEO Alfredo Hurtado expressed enthusiasm, saying, “This collaboration will not only solidify Kerix Jad’s position as a leader in the use of technological innovation but also fuels our growth and empowers our unwavering commitment to keeping selected metal and mineral resources within their native countries.”


Andres Aquino, CBDO of Kerix Jad SAC, highlighted the significance of this unprecedented three-party cooperation, noting that Kerix Jad’s support for XUSDP 2.0, coupled with RTCore’s expertise and vision for CBDC solutions, will pave the way for successful CBDC launches across the target regions.


XUSD Blockchain’s Vision for the Future


James Nelson, CEO of XUSD Blockchain Holdings, LLC, asserted that the collaboration levels the playing field and forges a prosperous future for both the Cryptocurrency Marketspace and the traditional banking sector. He stated, “With this initiative, we are the future – full stop!”


Dr. Brian Fontenot, CTO of XUSD Blockchain, emphasized the innovative features of XUSD Prime 2.0, describing it as the flagship of a disruptively innovative product line. The full blacklisting system integrated into XUSD Prime serves as a notable feature designed to protect against hackers, scammers, and money launderers, setting a new standard in design ideology crucial for advancing CBDC development.


Collective Expertise and Technology for CBDC Success


The collaboration of RTCore, Kerix Jad, and XUSD Blockchain brings together a potent combination of expertise and technology. This collective effort is poised to deliver innovative solutions, enhance efficiency, and foster widespread acceptance of CBDCs in the near future. This partnership marks a significant stride toward reshaping the landscape of digital finance on a global scale.