XETA Genesis Is Finally Bringing TradFi Consistent Returns to DeFi

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XETA Genesis is finally bringing the consistent returns of TradFi to the DeFi world through an intuitive bridge.

The project utilizes institutional-level trading strategies in traditional markets to provide a consistent 20% monthly return to its account holders, with a track record of over 500 days through a bear market.

With almost $24 million deposited into the protocol, it’s clear that members are content with their consistent returns and continue to expect the same consistency over the coming years.

Fortunately, the two avenues to getting involved in XETA Genesis are still active – but they won’t be open forever.

XETA Genesis Bridges the Gap Between TradFi and DeFi

XETA Genesis is the first Web3 utility that seamlessly bridges TradFi and DeFi, providing access to returns to its customers by mixing blockchain, crypto, and high-frequency trading.

The platform offers its members up to 20% monthly returns, with some of its account options allowing that return to be compounded.

The returns are generated through high-frequency trading strategies in traditional markets like Forex and Gold.

As a result, XETA Genesis brings the consistency of TradFi to its members in DeFi without the volatility.

Based in Belize, XETA Genesis was co-founded by Gavin Minty and @Shotime2kX – showcasing their commitment to the project by being open and transparent.

Consistent 20% Returns Provided Through Expert TradFi Trading

The consistent returns are earned through high-frequency trading across multiple financial instruments, including foreign exchange, gold futures, and gold ETFs.

The trading is facilitated through Equiti, a trading broker regulated by the FCA, cySEC, and JSC – providing peace of mind to members.

The fund that conducts the trading has a past performance of up to 400% per annum and has already delivered over $44.5 million in returns to date over 500 days of operation.

The complex and secure HFT algorithm is led by a team of experienced traders that generate returns through state-of-the-art trading strategies that integrate a high degree of risk management.

In the FX market, XETA Genesis captures small gains over the medium-term through intra-day and long-term trading strategies.

Its FX signals are 95% accurate due to its careful analysis and expert discipline that limits losses.

In the gold market, XETA Genesis employs fundamental analysis that allows it to have a 68% to 294% return on its strategy over the last six years.

Overall, the ecosystem provides a hands-off passive income approach by simply depositing USDC into the two membership accounts open to the DeFI World.

How to Get Involved?

There are two options to getting involved by depositing USDC into the Membership Accounts or Genesis Pools.

The Membership Accounts have three tiers, allowing you to deposit $250, $500, or $1000.

They provide a 20% return every 28 days, allowing you to withdraw your earnings during each cycle.

After a year, the account expires, and members must open a new account to continue earning.

It’s important to mention that this is a membership account, so the principal cannot be withdrawn at the end of the period.

However, members still earn over 100% on their initial deposit through consistent earnings.

There’s also a $25 maintenance fee and a 2.5% withdrawal fee.

The Genesis Pools have a range of options, which include the following:

  • $10,000 tier providing 5% monthly return
  • $50,000 tier providing 10% monthly return
  • $100,000 tier providing 15% monthly return
  • $250,000 tier providing 20% monthly return

Genesis Pools are part of the XETA fund, so the principal can be withdrawn at the end of the term.

There is no account extermination date, so members can keep earning after a year without entering a new pool.

Best of all, the returns in the Genesis Pools are compounded each month, allowing returns to snowball.

There is a 2.5% monthly fee in the Genesis Pools, alongside the 2.5% withdrawal fee.

Users can enter both options by simply connecting their MetaMask accounts to the XETA Dashboard to make their USDC deposit.

The following table helps to break down the difference between the two accounts;

Genesis accounts Genesis pools
Monthly fee $25 2.5% of the principal amount
Monthly returns Up to 20% Up to 20%
Withdrawal fees 2.5% 2.5%
Can withdraw principal No Yes
Compounds each month No Yes
Funds are forfeited if monthly fees are unpaid Yes Yes

Account Options Still Open But Not Guaranteed For Long

The great news is that both account options are still open for DeFi users, but the access is not guaranteed for too long.

Finally, DeFi users can access large financial institutions typically only available to high-net-worth individuals and sophisticated market traders.

By depositing USDC into the two options, you become part of an elite trader club that earns consistent returns without suffering the headaches of volatility.