The Goose NFT lands In The ‘ thegoose.6529.eth’ Safe Home

Digital art enthusiast and NFT trader “Punk6529” paid $6.2 million at a Sotheby’s auction for Ringers #879, also referred to as “The Goose,” which was created by generative artist Dmitri Cherniak. 

The Goose NFT has finally landed in its new home at ‘thegoose.6529.eth’ safe walt. It is owned by 1-NFT-only fund entity (SZN5). A 1-NFT-only fund entity (SZN5) with investments from current funds and individual investors owns The Goose. 6529Museum is the largest investor among others.

To save accountants and lawyers from having strain, Punk6529 had requested that Sotheby’s give them some extra time to organize with SZN5. Sotheby agrees to Punk6529’s request for a deleted deliver, so that they get time to organize the SZN5. This greatly helped the accountants and lawyers of Punk6529.

The sale of “The Goose” demonstrates the possibilities of generative art and NFTs. The enormous value associated with Ringers 879 is partly due to its complexity and the unexpected appearance of animal shapes from the generating randomness. 

In a tweet, Punk6529 expressed their gratitude to Michael Bouhanna and Sotheby’s for their assistance in ensuring the NFT was transferred safely. Also thanked ‘6529Guardian’  and ‘itsjpower’  for their endless work interfacing with the “institutional system.”   

In June, the non-fungible token (NFT) Ringers #879 was sold to Sotheby’s buyer’s premium for a hammer price of $5.4 million. Before that, Co-founders of 3AC Su Zhu and Kyle Davies paid around 1,800 ETH, or $5.8 million, for the collectible in August 2021.

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