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Persona 5 was already etched deep within my heart so it was almost impossible not to have lofty expectations for Persona 5 Tactica. It did not disappoint. Persona 5 Tactica is another riveting RPG addition to the Persona franchise offering new mysteries, strategic combat, and dynamic visuals. Bringing in characteristics from its predecessor, Persona 5 Tactica crashed in with style and dynamic artistry from astonishing 3D elements to vibrant 2D graphics. From the slick visuals to the groovy soundtrack, I was ready to embody the role of a Phantom Thief once again.

Assembling the crew once more for yet another thrilling escapade begged the question: Could P-Studios pull off the same slick yet bustling vibes that Persona 5 granted? In its own unique way, it succeeded. Leblanc Cafe remains the center headquarters of the beloved gang amidst the bustling city of Shibuya. It seamlessly blends an engaging story with an exhilarating and strategic tactic, a turn-based battle system. 

If you are anything like me, you know that strategy-based combat might take a while. There is a lot of time to contemplate the board and make the most of every move. The battlefield is an array of boxes, barrels, and other walls to cover you. Hiding behind these walls will decrease the chances of you getting hit. You want to catch enemies lacking a wall and attack, downing them for their turn granting you a “One More”. With the One More system, well-timed attacks grant you an extra turn adding more layers to the battle. 

A “Triple-Threat” is a key point you want your team to reach. Pulling a Triple Threat is sort of like Persona 5’s “All-Out Attack” where the team unites, attacking enemies caught in the triangle loop. This attack happens when each team member surrounds a downed enemy in a triangle shape. It deals massive damage and is the absolute unleashing of power that can end your opponents. 

In your battles and travels in the medieval-inspired Metaverse that is overrun with many shadow monsters and harboring a dominant governance, there is a new ally to add to the team. Her name is Erina and she is head of the Rebel Corps, a revolutionary force struggling to take back their world until the Phantom Thieves arrive. With the help of the Phantom Thieves, Erina’s hope is restored and she is ready to take on the authoritative forces.

She is a lively new character who is passionate about putting her enemies in their place. Erina is not a person to be toiled with as she is quick to shut down anyone who does not have the Rebel Corps and the objective to free the captured world in their best interest. To me, she has a riveting personality, mature yet, easily encouraged by Joker and Mona to take back what is hers and help the rest of the Phantom Thieves get home. 

Erina’s unwavering determination brings new powers and abilities that can reshape your outcome on the battlefield. She possesses a key ability to turn the tide of the fight and overall to ensure a victory. Having her on the team is essential to winning games and progressing the story. I made sure to always equip Erina with the strongest weapons from the shop as I enjoyed her combat style. When using my favorite tactic, Charge and Triple Threat, I was able to have Erina immediately down enemies even when behind walls which led to the high-damage Triple Threat attack.

Persona 5 Tactica assembles the team back together, introduces Erina, and will have you engaging in yet another compelling story. It is twisted with mystery and dramatic effects told from a variety of vibrant art styles that will keep you from looking away from the screen. It harbors a complex, tactical-turn-based combat system where every move carries significant importance to the outcome.

In summary, Persona 5 Tactica is an amazing spin-off to Persona 5 and while it looks simple and cute, it presents another chance to have the cherished team back together in a multifaceted world, ready to be rescued and restored.

Dominique’ McClain is an enthusiastic content writer and enjoys all things video games. She’s highly obsessed with Lord of the Rings and loves dragons. You can chat with her on Twitter @Dommy_Bomb.

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