November crypto losses hit $363m, highest in 2023

Several high-profile crypto hacks and scams in November make it the most financially damaging month of the year. 

According to CertiK’s data, November was the most financially destructive period of the year, with losses mounting to approximately $363 million due to a series of crypto exploits, hacks and scams. Exit scams contributed to the month’s toll, with about $1.1 million lost as projects vanished along with investors’ funds, eroding trust in burgeoning platforms and new coin offerings. These scams often involve the creators of crypto platforms or currencies absconding with users’ deposits, leaving investors with worthless assets.

The most significant share of the losses, however, came from exploits totaling approximately $316.4 million. The Poloniex and HTX hack alone saw over $250 million in losses. The flash loan attack on decentralized finance (defi) exchange KyberSwap saw a $47 million loss. The sophisticated attacks exploit the lending mechanisms of defi platforms, allowing attackers to manipulate market prices and drain funds.

The surge of attacks and scams in November can be attributed to the recent positive strides in the crypto market. With daily trading volume and transactions increasing after a prolonged crypto winter, hackers are actively on the lookout for new vulnerabilities. November’s staggering statistics is a caution for platforms and users heading into the new year. 

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