NFT sales rebound, Ethereum and Bitcoin lead the surge By  |  Editor Pollock Mondal

Published Nov 06, 2023 04:28AM ET

In a welcome rebound following a slump in October, the week from Sunday, October 29 to Saturday, November 5, 2023, saw NFT sales surge by 18.30% to reach $106.32 million. Ethereum’s NFT sales led this resurgence, reaching $60.91 million, marking an increase of 8.55%. Bitcoin’s NFTs weren’t far behind, recording an impressive rise of 154.75% to reach $13.17 million in sales.

The top five blockchains for NFT sales were rounded off by Solana and Mythos with sales of $8.53 million and $7.46 million respectively, and Immutable X with sales of $5.69 million.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) emerged as the leader among top-selling collections with a total of $10.79 million in sales. Following closely were The Captainz and Dmarket with sales of $8.54 million and $7.39 million respectively.

There was also significant growth seen in Gods Unchained and Bitcoin’s BRC20 NFTs which reached $5.42 million and $7.3 million respectively.

Alongside this surge in sales, there was a notable increase in the number of NFT buyers and sellers, climbing by 17.77% and 15.82% respectively.

Among the notable transactions over the week were BAYC #6022 ($303K), a BRC20 NFT ($56K), “Tigris Position #10505,” ($39K), Emurgo ($32K), and Solana’s “Mad Lads #5364” ($31K).

Maintaining this upward trend is considered crucial for offsetting the recent slump in the market.

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