Exciting Opportunity for Web3 Builders: Win $1000 USDT or $3000 NFT Ticket with DeSui | by Ositadimmabenny | Nov, 2023

The countdown has officially begun for Web3 builders eager to seize an exciting opportunity. You have just 5 days remaining to participate and stand a chance to win big – either $1000 USDT or an exclusive DeSui NFT ticket valued at $3000. The requirements are simple, so don’t miss out on this thrilling opportunity.

Participation Requirements:

1. Register on desui.io
2. Follow @DeSui_io on Twitter
3. Join the Telegram community
4. Become a member via the Discord community: discord.gg/PU8D2Msav4
5. Achieve a minimum of 1000 XP during the testing phase

To ensure your eligibility, click on the following link to view instructions on testing through the XP scoring mechanism: http://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

Your contribution matters! Test and find bugs on DeSui’s website: desui.io and submit them via the bug submission form: docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q2MMD…

Get Involved and Seek Assistance:

For any queries or assistance, join the DeSui community on Telegram: t.me/DeSui_Chat

Don’t miss this chance to be a part of the Web3 revolution and potentially win exciting prizes. The clock is ticking, so act swiftly and embark on this thrilling journey with DeSui!