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Kochi: Colourful digital paintings featuring Ava and Ramona, two fictional characters in stylish attires, evoke curiosity at a 14-year-old digital artist’s exhibition titled ‘coming home’ at a cafe in Panampilly Nagar in Kochi. Teresa Melvin’s artwork is also a unique experience for visitors due to the amalgamation of art and technology. The Kochi-born artist gained international fame in a short span for her digital art based on NFT (non-fungible tokens) technology. NFTs are assets that are tokenized via a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from other tokens.Teresa, who lives with her parents in Texas, USA, explored her artistic side with the creation of Ava and Ramona. “I created Ava when I was 9, she is more of a common person who is very optimistic. She loves baking doughnuts and represents how I was then, maybe even now,” she said. When she turned 11, Teresa created Ramona as an adventure loving-character as she too desired a bold personality. “Ramona even loves skateboarding,” she added. Speaking to TOI, Melvin said his daughter is a gifted child artist. “She got her first opportunity when she was just four years old where her artwork was incorporated into the title work of Malayalam movie Bangalore Days,” he said.Melvin said it was the moment he and his wife Nimmy understood her talent and decided to buy their daughter a digital device for painting, which made the difference. Melvin, who is the creative director of an IT company in the US, said he was fascinated by the amalgamation of technology and art and NFTs provide more avenues for an artist. Teresa has earned the title ‘Most Inspirational Girls of Web3 and the AI’ by wow3. Her artworks have been exhibited at major international events across London, Dubai, Bali, Canada, and the US. She has sold over 1,000 artworks on prominent NFT platforms and was featured in global events of Adobe, NFT NYC, Kid3 Conference, Miami NFT Week etc. On Saturday, the artist is conducting a workshop on ‘character art’ for kids where she will explain the process of converting digital art to derivative art.
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