Decentraland (MANA) Hosts Immersive Musical Metaverse Experience

Decentraland, the leading virtual social world, is hosting its most ambitious music festival from November 16-18. Named Decentraland Music Festival ‘23 (#DCLMF23), the event promises three days of groundbreaking musical performances, games, and experiences accessible to everyone globally.


  • Decentraland is hosting its 3rd annual music festival from Nov 16-18 called Decentraland Music Festival ’23 (#DCLMF23)
  • The festival will feature over 80 performances, games, and events across 5 stages designed by award-winning virtual creators
  • Headliners include digital music pioneers like Cora Novoa, Trick Daddy, GuccieToe, Bufalo, Glitch Rave, Steve Sai
  • Attendees can participate in interactive music experiences like a collaborative art tower, medieval music quest, and more
  • Festival showcases innovative projects fusing music, gaming, virtual worlds, and explores the future of artist-fan connections

Boasting five stages designed by award-winning virtual creators, the festival features over 80 diverse acts. Headliners include digital music pioneers like Cora Novoa, Trick Daddy, GuccieToe, Bufalo, Glitch Rave, and Steve Sai. Beyond the performances, #DCLMF23 offers numerous interactive experiences fusing music, gaming, and virtual worlds.

Attendees can jam with friends in an interactive music river. They can also build a collaborative pixel art tower that gets displayed as a festival landmark. One medieval village quest tasks users with restoring stolen music by battling a boss. Neo-Techno Paganist raves send explorers on virtual wearable quests.

These metaverse-native experiences highlight the festival’s goal of redefining musical artist-fan connections. #DCLMF23 also showcases innovative projects from Japan fusing music and gaming. Synthetic human DJs are set to perform, offering a glimpse into the music industry’s hi-tech future.

With values of radical creative expression, community bonding, and artistic renewal, #DCLMF23 pushes the boundaries of musical entertainment. It represents a future vision of music where virtual venues, cross-medium experiences, and new creator-fan dynamics are the norm.

The festival schedule and lineup are available online. Decentraland’s guide also assists visitors in navigating the sprawling metaverse event. Attendees are encouraged to sport virtual fashion items from the Decentraland marketplace to fully immerse themselves in this digital music revolution.