Crypto whale 0x56b sees nearly $2m gain from LINK holdings By  |  Editor Hari G

Published Nov 05, 2023 01:07PM ET

Crypto whale 0x56b has seen significant unrealized gains in their portfolio, with a nearly $2m profit from holding Chainlink (LINK), valued at $5.87m. This profit is largely due to a recent 58% surge in the price of LINK.

From October 2022 to July 2023, the cryptocurrency investor accumulated over a million LINK from exchanges Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) and Bitrue. The average purchase price was $7.64 per LINK, leading to a total expenditure of approximately $7.84m.

The investor also made sales at an average price of $11.41 per LINK, generating around $6m in revenue. These transactions resulted in close to $2m in profit, contributing significantly to the total estimated profit of $3.98m.

This successful investment strategy showcases the potential profitability within the volatile cryptocurrency markets, particularly when strategic buying and selling are employed.

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InvestingPro real-time data confirms the impressive gains of crypto whale 0x56b. As of Q3 2023, Chainlink has indeed experienced a notable 58% surge, validating the investor’s successful strategy. Additionally, the average purchase price of $7.64 per LINK aligns with InvestingPro’s data, further highlighting the accuracy of the investor’s approach.

Two InvestingPro Tips that could be relevant to this scenario are: “Consider the volatility of the crypto market when investing” and “Strategic buying and selling can significantly increase profitability”. These tips align perfectly with the investor’s strategy, as they capitalized on market volatility and employed a strategic buying and selling approach to realize substantial profits. Remember, these are just two of the many insightful tips available on the InvestingPro platform.

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