Crypto strategist bullish on SOL, LINK, ADA, and QUBE

The crypto market has seen significant growth in recent months, and experts predict this trend may continue until 2024. InQubeta (QUBE), Solana (SOL), Chainlink (LINK), and Cardano (ADA) are among the top coins driving this upward trend. 

Industry analysts are bullish on the above coin. Specifically, InQubeta is being monitored. The project launched earlier this year to help startups fund artificial intelligence (AI)-based projects. Its model is being tracked while its presale has raised over $4.2 million.

InQubeta: rooting for decentralized governance 

The Collins Dictionary has named “AI” the “word of the year,” indicating the increasing impact of AI on the economy worldwide.

The timing of InQubeta‘s launch couldn’t be better, as it aims to bridge the gap between AI and decentralized finance (defi), accelerating growth. 

InQubeta offers a platform for investors to tap into the world of startups and even create a steady source of income, regardless of their budget or experience. 

QUBE is the platform’s native token. It is used for all transactions and offers enhanced security and utility.

The token can be used for payments and rewards while also playing a role in the platform’s governance. 

QUBE holders have voting privileges to suggest and discuss changes in protocol that could better the platform’s impact.

Users can exercise these rights to make decisions that work in the platform’s favor.

Solana unveils web3 service for game developers

Solana is an open-source platform for creating decentralized applications that use a hybrid consensus algorithm to secure its network. The platform’s native token is SOL. 

Recently, Solana introduced a beta version of its web3 service for GameFi developers, GameShift, which allows developers to trade, purchase, mint, and list in-game assets. 

The service could make GameFi development more accessible and functional. 

For this, experts believe SOL prices are set for an uptrend in the coming days. 

MadSkullz to incorporate Chainlink CCIP 

Chainlink is an Oracle that provides smart contracts with off-chain data. 

It enables blockchains to interact with payment methods, data feeds, and events to harness the data. LINK is the platform’s native token.

MadSkullz recently integrated Chainlink’s CCIP to create interoperable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its Missing Onez collection. 

According to reports, MadSkullz chose Chainlink CCIP due to its reliability and enhanced network safety.

The Chainlink ecosystem plans to introduce many updates in the coming year, which may prop up LINK prices.

Cardano’s research arm became the official guardian of Naomi 

Cardano is a decentralized platform that utilizes the Ouroboros protocol to provide high-performance solutions. Its native token, ADA, is the official currency of the Cardano ecosystem.

Recently, Input Output Global (IOG), Cardano’s research vertical, became the official guardian of Naomi, a browser-based defi wallet created for ADA holders. 

Cardano has been gaining popularity among retail and institutional clients, and analysts maintain a bullish outlook for ADA.


Crypto investors can consider InQubeta, Solana, Chainlink, and Cardano. These projects offer various features, such as security and utility, and their token can grow in the long term. 

Moreover, their respective creators are innovating, allowing people to receive financial independence through defi. 

Even so, InQubeta can post higher gains due to its use of technology, including AI, to promote financial inclusion and enable startups to expand. 

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