Celebrating a Milestone: One Year of Christie’s 3.0 Shaping the Future of Digital Art Auctions | NFT CULTURE | NFT News | Web3 Culture

A New Chapter in Digital Art

The prestigious auction house Christie’s has crossed a historic milestone with its fully on-chain Web3 platform, Christie’s 3.0. Launched just a year ago, this groundbreaking platform has already hosted six auctions featuring over 100 works of digital art from more than 70 artists. The platform made its debut with the “Diana Sinclair: Phases” auction, which achieved a 100% sales rate. Since then, the platform has seen an influx of new registrants and bidders, marking it as a resounding success.

A Commitment to Artists and Collectors

Nicole Sales Giles, Christie’s Vice President and Director of Digital Art Sales, remarks, “Since March 2021, Christie’s entry into the digital art space has been transformative. We’ve had the honor of collaborating with a variety of talented artists and collectors. Our fully on-chain platform has revolutionized how we offer exceptional digital art, and has been instrumental in educating and expanding our global audience. Christie’s continues to prioritize artists, spotlighting top-notch talent in the digital art community.”

Bridging Physical and Virtual Realities

Jon-Ross Le Haye, Head of Digital Design at Christie’s, adds, “Christie’s 3.0 isn’t merely an auction platform; it’s a holistic collecting experience. Designed with intuitive, user-friendly interfaces and powered by advanced on-chain bidding technology, the platform also integrates with physical events through augmented virtual galleries. This hybrid approach resonates with collectors’ evolving preferences and firmly establishes Christie’s as an innovator in the art market.”

Artists Speak: The Christie’s Experience

Several artists have shared their life-changing experiences with Christie’s 3.0. Diana Sinclair notes the platform’s willingness to back young, risk-taking artists, describing the collaboration as “monumental and beautiful.” Claire Silver recounts the surreal feeling of seeing her AI artwork displayed at Christie’s, calling it a “life-changing experience.” DeeKay likened auctioning art at Christie’s to “sharing a piece of my soul with the world,” emphasizing that we are in a new era where digital art is recognized as a legitimate form of artistic expression.

Notable Sales and Future Directions

Among the top-performing lots on Christie’s 3.0 was Deekay’s Self-Discovery, which fetched a staggering 48.4 ETH ($91,868.52). Other notable sales include Lushtemples by Zancan, Life in Our Minds: Mother Flock by Random International, and Cold by Ripcache. These sales and more highlight Christie’s 3.0’s role in driving the digital art market forward.

  • Zancan: “Lushtemples” – 54.45 ETH ($66,973.50)
  • Random International: “Life in Our Minds: Mother Flock” – 50 ETH ($61,500.00)
  • Ripcache: “Cold” – 25 ETH ($49,638.50)
  • Ripcache: “Presence” – 24.2 ETH ($48,050.31)
  • Mad Dog Jones: “A Gust of Wind” – 19.97 ETH ($37,905.26)
  • Sam Spratt: “IOU One Edition of 256” – 19.52 ETH ($37,051.11)
  • Jack Butcher: “Air” – 19.88 ETH ($36,917.16)
  • William Mapan: “Bestiaire: Flamant Rose” – 15.069 ETH ($27,877.65)
  • Diana Sinclair: “I Am That I Am” – 20.82 ETH ($26,875.50)


Christie’s 3.0, the fully on-chain Web3 platform of the iconic auction house, celebrates its one-year anniversary with significant achievements. The platform has hosted six auctions, featuring over 100 works by more than 70 artists, and has attracted numerous new registrants and bidders. With a focus on bridging the physical and virtual worlds and putting artists at the forefront, Christie’s 3.0 is setting new standards in the digital art market.