Block sees 400% Bitcoin price surge over six years, expands crypto projects By  |  Editor Nikhilesh Pawar

Published Nov 15, 2023 01:45PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO – Block, formerly known as Square, has seen a remarkable 400% increase in Bitcoin’s price since it first allowed Bitcoin transactions on its Cash app back in 2017. This growth has not only been a boon for the company but also transformed its CEO, Jack Dorsey, into a leading Bitcoin proponent. Today, Block is deeply entrenched in the cryptocurrency space with several Bitcoin-related projects underway.

Six years ago, on November 14, 2017, amid the contentious Block Size wars that roiled the cryptocurrency community, Block began a trial that enabled users to conduct Bitcoin transactions via its Square Cash app. This move was a significant pivot from its core business of facilitating money transfers and marked the beginning of its journey into the world of digital currencies.

The company’s foray into Bitcoin has proven to be prescient as the cryptocurrency’s value has soared by 400% since then. This surge has not only benefited Block’s bottom line but also solidified Dorsey’s position as an outspoken advocate for Bitcoin. His belief in the potential of cryptocurrencies to empower people financially has been a driving force behind the company’s strategic direction.

Under Dorsey’s leadership, Block has expanded its cryptocurrency endeavors. The firm is currently developing a commercial Bitcoin hardware wallet and is also working on a decentralized exchange. These initiatives are part of a broader effort to position Block as a key player in the global financial ecosystem. With billions in quarterly Bitcoin sales, Block’s commitment to integrating cryptocurrency into its services is clear.

The success of Block’s cryptocurrency projects underscores the growing acceptance of digital currencies in mainstream finance and their potential to reshape how transactions are conducted worldwide. As Block continues to innovate and expand its presence in this dynamic field, it contributes to the broader narrative of cryptocurrencies’ increasing influence on global financial systems and practices.

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