Zerosync Leverages Starkware’s Tech to Enhance Bitcoin Network Scalability By  |  Editor Venkatesh Jartarkar

Published Oct 02, 2023 04:43PM ET

Monday, October 2, 2023 – ZeroSync, a leading technology company, has employed Starkware’s ZK proofs and Cairo programming language to bolster the scalability and privacy of the Bitcoin network. The development is aimed at improving transaction speed and security on the network, according to information shared by Robin Linus, co-founder of ZeroSync.

The company has introduced a Layer 2 protocol that can process upwards of 100 transactions per second. This protocol upgrade is expected to significantly enhance the speed of transactions carried out on the Bitcoin network.

Furthermore, ZeroSync has initiated a verifier for Bitcoin’s header chain. This tool is designed to assist light clients using Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) for transaction validation. The verifier will ensure that transactions are authenticated promptly and accurately, thereby improving the overall efficiency of the Bitcoin network.

ZeroSync’s ultimate goal is to establish a zero-knowledge proof verifier on Bitcoin’s mainnet. This would further enhance transaction privacy by allowing users to verify transactions without revealing any additional information about them.

The integration of Starkware’s ZK proofs and Cairo programming language into ZeroSync’s operations represents an important step in enhancing Bitcoin’s network capabilities. As cryptocurrency transactions continue to grow in volume and complexity, such advancements in technology are crucial for maintaining the efficiency and privacy of these transactions.

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