Shiba Inu Admin Denounces Affiliation to NFT Projects

Shiba Inu community member and Telegram group admin and community manager Ragnar Shib took to X to denounce any forms of affiliation to some NFT projects publicized in his name.

Ragnar felt the need to caution the community as the proliferation of projects on Shibarium might see some fraudulent ones make their emergence as well. The developer tasked SHIB community members to do their research and understand he maintains no affiliation with some of these projects.


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Shiba Inu Team on Community Safeguards

Ragnar’s disclosure aligns with the commitment of the Shiba Inu team members to guide the community on how to navigate its fast-growing ecosystem. According to Ragnar, everyone is welcome to build applications on Shibarium, keeping with its key design as an open ecosystem.

With the ecosystem growing as envisaged, the Shib team has doubled down its effort to sensitize its community from hackers to cases where users need to beware of bug-related issues on Shibarium-affiliated platforms.

As reported earlier by The Crypto Basic, Shiba Inu’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama also sounds alarm on fake tokens making the rounds in the ecosystem. In one of these instances, Kusama warned users not to purchase BONE and LEASH on PuppyNet, Shibarium’s testnet before it launched on the mainnet months later.

Warning that the tokens on PuppyNet are not real, Kusama also highlighted the need for due diligence for all community members at the time. 

Caution Beyond Scammers

Though protecting members of the Shiba Inu ecosystem from scammers is one of its key goals, ensuring users responsibly embrace Shibarium is also a major task before the core team. Last week, Marketing strategist, Lucie Shibarium outlined how to burn SHIB tokens.

Rather than burning SHIB on Shibarium, Lucie advocated bridging the SHIB back to Ethereum and then sending the tokens meant for burning to the designated dead wallet. This model will not only wade off existing arguments, but it will ensure real SHIB enters the dead wallet.

Judging by the success of Shiba Inu to date, one thing remains visible: the consistency of the team in warning against bad actors has served to trigger a sense of security consciousness among community members.

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