Key Developer Behind Shib Dream NFT Collection Reveals Cause of Minting Troubles

With the hiccup experience in the proposed minting of the Shib Dream NFT Collection, an official apology has been tendered to members of the Shiba Inu community.

The apology, conveyed through the Shib Dream X account, also uncovered the reasons behind the failed minting process. Despite the gloom in the community, Shib Dream confirmed another minting schedule with plans to communicate the timing soon.

Shib Dream NFT Drop: What Happened?

Shib Dream, an affiliate of Shiba Inu-focused news outlet, designed an NFT collection to solidify its community engagement. The Shibarium-based collection, billed to drop on PawZaar, recorded massive publicity that sparked community enthusiasm.

For the uninitiated, PawZaar is an NFT marketplace for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The marketplace was developed by the team behind the Shibarium-based Pawzone project.

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This enthusiasm did not last as PawZaar announced the pause of the minting event on Oct. 24. Explaining what went wrong, Shib Dream noted that PawZaar ran into trouble in its attempt to process the traffic. Despite anticipating massive participation, the protocol highlighted the inability of PawZaar’s node operator, NowNodes, to scale on demand.

Shib Dream confirmed an ongoing fix from NowNodes to ensure there’s no repeat of related hiccups for the next minting schedule or other projects looking to launch on PawZaar. Additionally, the platform said PawZaar will take over the secondary sales of the NFT collection, underscoring the collaboration that dates back 24 months.

To pacify the community, Shib Dream confirmed the minting cost of 19,500,000 SHIB remains unchanged. To broaden accessibility to the 3333-count NFT collection, the protocol said the minting might open up in SHIB, BONE, and LEASH, with Shibarium bridging enabled for all.

Historic Shibarium Hiccups

The stalled Shib Dream NFT Collection minting brings to mind a related event that accompanied the launch of Shibarium. As reported at the time, the Layer-2 network buckled under the weight of the traffic and necessitated an immense scaling operation with backing from industry giants like Polygon.

Though PawZone Founder, identified on X as JD, argued that the NFT marketplace remains the best DApp on Shibarium, the troubling state of the protocol and its associated event failures to beat initial expectations counts as a trend that requires a permanent solution.

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