While Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and Volt Inu Struggle to Provide Large Returns There’s Another Token on Our Radar

Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and Volt Inu were some of the most successful memecoins of the past crypto cycle. But after erupting in price a long time ago, now these coins fail to generate considerable returns for the investors. Fortunately, Sensei Inu can be the token that changes the meme coin ecosystem, and enables meme coin enthusiasts to make the most of the upcoming bull run.

Sensei Inu: Is This the Real Successor to Shiba Inu?

Sensei Inu (SINU) is next-generation MemeFi token aiming to restore the meme coin ecosystem by combining the beloved community aspect of meme coins with highly effective profit-generating opportunities of DeFi.

The most interesting DeFi aspect of Sensei Inu is its game-changing Proof of Value consensus mechanism. Proof of Value allows everyone to earn crypto easily without mining or staking.

Thanks to Proof of Value, you can earn crypto simply by participating in the Sensei Crypto Trivia. Sensei Crypto Trivia is a series of trivia games on the Sensei Inu website, where you earn crypto by answering increasingly challenging questions about crypto and blockchain.

With each question you answer, you prove your knowledge about cryptocurrencies, and accumulate more and more points. At the end of the month, the 10 people with the most points get unique rewards, but don’t worry if you didn’t make it into the top 10 of the high score list – everyone who takes part in Sensei Crypto Trivia gets rewarded with SINU!

SINU Presale Succeeds Because of Powerful Tokenomics

Sensei Crypto Trivia and the unique Proof of Value consensus mechanisms are not the only reasons why SINU is quickly becoming the most exciting meme coin on the market. Another reason is that Sensei Inu is built on super-powerful tokenomics:

$SINU Tokenomics

Name:             Sensei Inu
Ticker:            $SINU
Supply:           5,000,000,000
Buy Tax:         0%
Sell Tax:         3% (Treasury)

Sensei Inu has a fixed total supply and an in-built burning mechanism, which means that the circulating SINU supply will get lower over time. Because of that, Sensei Inu is immune to inflation and the SINU price can grow quickly!

Since Sensei Inu is a MemeFi token that utilizes DeFi mechanisms like decentralized governance, nobody can ruin these excellent tokenomics. The community has all the power and fully controls the future and development of Sensei Inu, making it one of the most decentralized meme tokens in the world.

Sensei Inu Presale Is Exceeding All Expectations

The combination of high usability, multiple use cases, unique Proof of Value mechanism and superb tokenomics – these are the main reasons that caused Sensei Inu to generate so much excitement at such an early stage. SINU presale is known to raise over $100,000 in just one hour.

Meme coins like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Volt Inu have already done their best, and have a little room for growth. Sensei Inu is hugely undervalued, so visit the official Sensei Inu social media channels to learn how to join the Sensei Inu presale and buy SINU while the price is still low!

Sensei Inu Links

Website:         https://senseiinu.com
Telegram #1: https://t.me/SenseiOfficialChat
Telegram #2: https://t.me/SenseiOfficialAnnouncement
Twitter:           https://twitter.com/SenseiInuCoin