Trace Network’s fashion metaverse Pariz unveils GameFi product — Zest – News

Zest is a GameFi layer on Trace’s Pariz metaverse for hyper-casual play to win games, empowering game creators and brands to enable game-based brand engagement using the concepts of game theory and economics for deeper user engagement with brands. This will help brands create exciting gaming experiences and reward gamers and users for engaging with its products and services.

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Published: Tue 12 Sep 2023, 11:26 AM

Last updated: Tue 12 Sep 2023, 11:27 AM

Pariz metaverse was launched on March 22 and has become a popular destination for virtual events, media interactions and shopping experiences in its metaverse with various brands.

Recently, Pariz was in the news for surpassing Decentraland and Sandbox in monthly transactions (as per Dapp Radar) and has crossed 51k active unique visitors on metaverse. While expanding the brand’s stores on Pariz, the vision of game-based user engagement has evolved into a GameFi layer proposal for Pariz experiences. Trace hypothesises that it is the metaverse gaming experience, that keeps gamer retention high.

Trace has already established itself as the winner of the metaverse and GameFi product Zest on Pariz metaverse looks like another interesting step to expand into another promising market of gamers. Trace is tapping into the casual gaming market which currently stands at $15 billion, and is yet to be enabled with economic activities using GameFi fundamentals. Zest, on one side, will fuel Trace token consumption for participating in rewards-based game pools and on the other side it enable brands to launch their theme-based games.

This model has successfully been tested with Nike and Gucci and thus creates a perfect economy for end consumers to interact and engage with brands while earning rewards in the form of redeemable coupon NFTs for discounts and other benefits. With its scaling model on Zest, they are making it easier for any brand to launch new engagement experiences for customers while earning rewards.

Currently, Pariz Metaverse is closely working with the Binance ecosystem to engage its large community in the reward-based gaming experience.