This Altcoin Is More In Demand Than Ethereum Among High Net Worth Crypto Investors

With Ethereum’s price struggling to hold $1,600, whales and other savvy investors are placing bets on Ethereum alternatives displaying more upside potential.

A recent Digital Asset Fund Flows report found that Solana was the only smart contract blockchain to receive capital inflows while value drained from Ethereum and other rival ecosystems.

Is Solana a Buy?

Despite a rocky couple of years, it may be reasonable to predict that Solana is setting up for a bullish trajectory and significant gains. This is because while its price is down 24.86% in the last month and 46% in the last year, it continues to rack up fundamental accolades.

The news from Digital Asset Fund Flows is only part of it. For instance, MetaMask has recently launched support for Solana, presenting many new potential users to the blockchain.

Solana vs Bitcoin BSC – Another In Demand Crypto

A new Bitcoin alternative, Bitcoin BSC, is also highly in demand, having raised over $1.6 million in its presale in just over one week. The project aims to be “Bitcoin on the Binance Smart Chain.” It provides numerous advantages over the world’s leading crypto while offering investors the chance to buy at Bitcoin’s 2011 price of $0.99.

Moreover, since Solana holds a multi-billion dollar market cap and its future remains uncertain, investing in a new trending low-cap coin could prove more lucrative.

In a recent press release, payments network Visa announced it will expand its stablecoin capabilities to Solana. This is an experimental move, part of Visa’s stablecoin pilot program. As such, there will be no immediate liquidity inflows to the Solana ecosystem, but it does open the door to significant long-term potential if the pilot scheme succeeds.

Despite this, Solana’s number of daily active active users has dropped to its lowest since records began in 2021. Its daily active user count is below 200K for the first time, signaling that the ecosystem is losing relevance despite the recent bullish news and capital inflows.

Overall, Solana’s future looks to hang by a thread. Bitcoin BSC is proving a better option, combining the scarcity-focused tokenomics of Bitcoin with the scalability and functionality of the Binance Smart Chain.

With over $1.5 million already raised in the presale, investors have a short time window remaining to secure their $BTCBSC for just $0.99.

Solana is trading 92.91% below its all-time high (ATH). This would equate to massive gains if it recovers that price. Still, SOL is facing an uphill battle, with its community seemingly losing interest and increasing regulatory pressure after the SEC named it a security.

Comparatively, the new Bitcoin BSC is free from such issues, and interest is quickly ramping up as the presale progresses. Furthermore, Bitcoin BSC likely still has its ATH and best days ahead, with some analysts calling for 10x returns after it launches on exchanges. 

Bitcoin BSC offers the fastest transactions of all Bitcoin clones and the easiest way to earn rewards through its Stake-to-Earn mechanism (currently offering over 350% APY). Despite this, Bitcoin BSC will have a surprisingly low fully-diluted market cap at launch of under $21 million.

With that in mind, Bitcoin BSC looks like one of the most promising cryptos, but investors looking to buy the presale should act quickly to avoid missing out. 

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Tip: Another new project showing high potential is yPredict, an all-in-one AI ecosystem that has enjoyed bullish forecasts and predictions from countless top crypto analysts. For example, Youtuber Michael Wrubel, who boasts 300K subscribers, recently published a video stating he is massively optimistic about yPredict’s future and has recently invested in it.

yPredict – AI Ecosystem Leveraging Cryptocurrency

yPredict combines the capability of AI with the security, decentralization, and user-owned properties of cryptocurrency. It aims to create a fair and transparent platform from which all users can benefit. The project will offer numerous AI-powered tools, enabling users to make better trading cryptocurrencies decisions.

Furthermore, there are multiple ways for users to earn. The platform has a staking mechanism, offering up to 45% quarterly rewards to stakers derived from platform fees. Also, AI and machine learning engineers can generate recurring revenue by renting out their “predictive models” on the yPredict marketplace.

Through a range of trading tools like sentiment analysis and chart pattern recognition, yPredict harnesses the power of AI to level the playing field between retail and institutional investors. As such, the project already boasts 20,000 users on its waitlist and has raised $3.8 million in its presale.

The platform’s native token, $YPRED, is used for staking, paying for services, and giving holders a say on the project’s future. Moreover, holders can vote on which predictive models are listed within the yPredict marketplace. This ensures the platform maintains a high standard, listing only the highest-quality AI models on its website.

While the presale has begun exploding recently, investors still have a chance to buy $YPRED before it goes live on exchanges. However, they must hurry, as the presale price will rise 11% when it hits $4.5 million.

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