Solana Pay Is Now on Shopify as Avalanche Bolsters Web3 Efforts & Big Eyes Infinity Vows 5K+ P2Es

Solana Pay, the peer-to-peer payments protocol built on the Solana blockchain, has taken a significant step. It has recently become an integrated app within the Shopify ecosystem, a multinational e-commerce company. Solana’s foray into mainstream technology underscores its stronghold within and outside the Web3 space, catering to investors seeking unique and disruptive solutions.

As Solana makes inroads into e-commerce, noteworthy advancements are also taking place in other domains like Big Eyes Infinity and Avalanche. Big Eyes Infinity is making strides with its 5,000+ play-to-earn gameplays and 819 Casino offerings. Meanwhile, Avalanche strengthens its technological foundations, currently focusing on its subnet capabilities.

Solana Pay Is Now Plugged Into Shopify

Solana Pay, the payment protocol developed on the Solana blockchain, has seamlessly integrated with the prominent e-commerce platform Shopify, enabling users to make payments using USD Coin (USDC). This collaboration empowers users to link Solana-focused crypto wallets, such as Phantom, and securely process on-chain payments with merchants utilizing USDC.

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According to Josh Fried from Solana Labs, the Solana Pay can slash transaction fees compared to credit card processing charges. The network’s average transaction cost stands at a mere $0.00025 per transaction, a considerable difference from credit card processing fees spanning from 1.5% to 3.5%.

The integration of two renowned companies have broader implications for the Web3 space. Particularly it impacts the technologically-focused platforms like Avalanche and the secure gaming initiatives of Big Eyes Infinity.

The Watershed Moment of Solana’s E-Commerce Integration

The integration of Solanas Pay highlights the increasing interoperability and utility of blockchain protocols within the e-commerce sector. This serves as an example of how other blockchain projects, including Avalanche, can consider similar integrations with mainstream platforms. Such advancements contribute to the broader adoption of blockchain technology.

In parallel, Avalanche is intensifying its technological efforts across various fronts. To begin with, the Avalanche Foundation has proposed allocating up to $3 million worth of AVAX tokens to Dexalot, a decentralized exchange (DEX) with a central order limit book, built on an Avalanche subnet. This initiative is part of Avalanche’s Multiverse program, which aims to incentivize the growth of new subnets. Avalanche empowers three distinctive features: Avalanche Consensus (facilitates high throughput and sub-second finality), Virtual Machines or VMs (offering customizable blueprints for blockchains) and Subnets (independent networks with their own rules, membership, and token economics).

Furthermore, there are the secure gaming endeavors of Big Eyes Infinity. As blockchain technology continues to provide secure and transparent transaction solutions, gaming platforms like Big Eyes Infinity can leverage these advancements to establish safer and more user-friendly payment options for players. This aligns with the prevailing trend of incorporating blockchain solutions to enhance security and transparency within the gaming ecosystem.

Big Eyes Infinity Eyes “Top Presale Project of 2023” Status

Big Eyes Infinity is an innovative project that adheres to the ERC-20 guidelines — which echoes the tech efforts of Solana and Avalanche. This utility token emerges as a fresh element within the Big Eyes world, serving as a unique gateway to the realm of GameFi (gaming finance), inviting global gamers to explore over 5,000 play-to-earn gameplays. This diverse array of gaming-related offerings will be accessible through the 819Casino starting in September. Notably, this innovative endeavor seamlessly blends the values of entertainment and sustainability.

A fundamental principle that distinguishes BIGINF is its unwavering commitment to transparency and community-driven growth. Employing a distinctive airdrop strategy, all BIGINF tokens will be distributed to holders and will instantly be available on a decentralized exchange (DEX), eliminating the need for complex claiming processes.

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The project’s inventive 1:1 Match Guarantee introduces an additional layer of incentive. These earnings can be utilized within the 819Casino, ready for use upon the launch of $BIGINF. Presently in its first stage, BIGINF is set to launch after the fourth stage at a price point of $0.00036.

The crypto-scape is a cutthroat domain where the most innovative, adaptive, and ingenious wins the game. With Solana Pay gaining mainstream traction through its integration on Shopify, it’s evident that cryptos are playing catch up. This competition, however, is a welcome challenge for Avalanche and Big Eyes Infinity — a top presale project of 2023 that delivers secure gaming experiences for its expanding audience.


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