Project Ailey’s Early Bird NFT Collection ‘Sold Out’ in less than 24 hours


Published September 1, 2023

Project Ailey, the first AI-powered virtual human project on the Avalanche network, completely sold out its Early Bird NFT collection in just 20 hours. In a time when the crypto market is moving sluggishly, Project Ailey has pulled off a surprising feat. This achievement is even more remarkable considering the current struggles of crypto space. So, what’s the secret behind Project Ailey’s success, and what does it mean for the world of NFTs and virtual influencers?

Project Ailey’s victory is a blend of innovation, storytelling, and forward thinking. The limited Ailey Mystery Door NFT collection gives buyers access to their Ailey, a virtual celebrity who lives and moves in a virtual space called Aileyverse. Opening the Mystery Door NFTs reveals not 1, but 10 distinct virtual human Aileys, each coming to life one by one with their unique styles, appearances, and personalities.

The genius of Project Ailey lies in their grasp of Web3’s potential. They’ve created a space where virtual humans can seamlessly interact with users in games, movies, and the metaverse. This anticipation of how virtual entities can be part of our digital lives likely fueled the collection’s impressive demand. The rapid sell out of the Ailey Mystery Door collection prompts us to ask: Are people genuinely ready to embrace virtual humans as vital to their online experiences? Is owning a virtual influencer more than just a trend? Project Ailey’s success suggests that the desire to own digital entities like Ailey is gaining momentum.

Virtual influencers like Ailey represent a shift in how we see and engage with the digital world. Their appeal lies not only in their novelty but also in the experiences they promise. By breaking traditional boundaries and entering into experiences, collaborations, and events, Ailey becomes more than just an NFT – she becomes a doorway to immersive virtual adventures.

The rise of virtual influencers introduces the exciting possibility that these digital beings could become the next generation of social media stars. As our lives become more entwined with digital spaces, virtual humans might become the faces of brands, advocates for causes, and trendsetters in the digital realm. Project Ailey now empowers users to have ownership of their personalized virtual humans.

Project Ailey’s triumph represents the power of innovation and visionary thinking. In an age where digital experiences are expanding beyond screens into immersive virtual worlds, the demand for entities like Ailey signals a hunger for fresh ways to engage with technology. As virtual influencers become more integrated into our digital lives, Project Ailey’s Early Bird NFT Collection stands as an innovating example of what’s achievable when creativity meets technology in the Web3 era. The upcoming reveal of the Ailey NFTs on August 31st isn’t just about collectibles – it’s an invitation to explore endless opportunities both within Aileyverse and beyond.

Fast facts

• The Ailey Mystery Door is a limited collection of Mystery Door NFTs, granting holders access to their virtual human Ailey NFTs for use in various spaces, such as games, movies, and metaverse in the future.

• The limited collection sold out in 20 hours only after minting began, according to Project Ailey’s Official Website, making it the leading NFT collection in 24-hour sales volume.

• Ailey Mystery Door NFTs were minted for 0.055 ETH, worth around US$95, at the time of publication.

• Ailey NFTs will be revealed on 31st of August at 13:00 UTC, allowing users to finally see their virtual human Aileys. Open your mystery door to reveal not 1, but 10 Aileys that will come to life right before your eyes.

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