Pomerdoge Leads Altcoin Market Rally, Aptos and VeChain Follow

Today, three altcoins “Pomerdoge (POMD), Aptos (APT), and VeChain (VET)” have recorded price gains. While Aptos (APT) and VeChain (VET) have suffered price losses on the weekly chart, Pomerdoge (POMD) has been bullish, soaring 15% for the past few days.

Aptos (APT) is Still Bearish Despite a Little Price Uptick

Aptos (APT) is a public blockchain designed by former Facebook employees. This platform prioritizes not only high throughput but also optimized security for smart contracts.

As a result of the price decline, the Aptos crypto token has dropped to the $5.56 level, from as high as $7.82 last month. Although bulls have recorded an uptick on the daily chart, they have failed to wipe off the losses on the weekly chart.

According to technical indicators, the Aptos market is currently bearish. The token has only recorded 13 green days in the past 30 days. Meanwhile, Token Unlocks have revealed that Aptos will be unlocking $147M worth of tokens on November 12th.

Can VeChain (VET) Still Return to $0.1?

VeChain (VET) is a blockchain platform, committed to enhancing supply chain management through distributed ledger technology (DLT). However, it has faced a continuous sideways trade due to bearish pressure throughout the year. 

Initially, investors were bullish about the VeChain price reaching $0.1 this year. While many proceeded to buy VeChain, many hopes were shattered when the token encountered a setback at $0.03.

Presently, the price of the VeChain coin has been hovering around the $0.01564745 region, while attempting a comeback. The coin is trading below the 50-day EMA ($0.017112), 100-day EMA ($0.018085), and 200-day EMA ($0.019781).

Pomerdoge (POMD) NFT Collection Attracts a Large Number of Investors 

Just like Aptos and VeChain, Pomerdoge (POMD) is trading in the green after recording a 15% price jump from $0.01 to $0.0115. Meanwhile, the burgeoning demand for P2E (Play-to-Earn) games is rapidly gaining momentum. The blockchain gaming market is projected to surge to $65.7 billion by 2027. As a result, Pomerdoge aims to introduce a cutting-edge P2E gaming ecosystem to capitalize on this burgeoning trend.

One member of that ecosystem will be Pomergame. It is a forthcoming P2E game that promises an extensive array of features. The game aims to allow users to have gaming and earning opportunities simultaneously. Through Pomergame, players can construct their unique avatars and customize them with skins. 

Additionally, Pomerdoge is set to unveil Pomerplace. It is a dedicated marketplace for the purchase and sale of in-game assets. Furthermore, it will serve as the arena where gamers engage in heated competitions, vying for monetary gains and collecting rewards. Meanwhile, the platform remains deeply committed to ensuring the security of user assets. 

Currently, the platform’s native token “$POMD” is accessible for purchase at the price of $0.0115. This token has a plethora of benefits for holders. Users can gain rewards when they stake POMD coins. Regular holders can enjoy a fixed APR of 10%. Meanwhile, VIP holders will be able to earn 15% on all staked $POMD tokens.

Pomerdoge Presale Today:

Website: https://pomerdoge.com/

Telegram Community: https://t.me/pomerdoge

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